Great North Run

I just found out today that i'm through the ballot and will be running. I wondered if anyone had any advice as a beginner to this sort of run! Any help / advice appreciated - and where can I buy a good pair of trainers? (live in Chester)


  • Hi there. There is a shop in Chester that sells running shoes, they assess your running on a treadmill. The shop is in Rufus Court(off Northgate Street) or Athletes Foot(it has changed it's name but is on Bridge Street). Good luck with the training and getting some shoes. This will be my seocnd GNR and i can't wait.
  • Have you run the 13.1 mile distance before ? thats the question to start with .
  • I've just found out that I'm in it as well!! I've only ever done Fun 5k races before in which I was slow! But I'm going out walking/running every other day, trying to build up the time I am running - if I could do 5 mins I'd be happy! I think the only advice I can give is to build up your time/distance running at your own pace, don't be put off by people saying you should be doing more than you are capable of. If you are determined enough you will do it!! Good luck and happy running!
  • Alimary - with the run walk method you'll do it easy . Look on my thread ""For all beginners - 18 stone to 5 miles""" - Now if you've done 5 K 's then you'll be able to manage if you stick to it.

    Keep it up!
  • If you want i could run the race for you

    I didnt get in :-(
  • Thanks for all your messages! No I haven't run so far before, did the race for life but that was in 2002. Never really got into the running thing, but now i'll need to - hopefully I'll start to enjoy it! Now got my new trainers so off I go....
  • Hi, Lucienne
    I started training for my forst GNR in Feb 2002 - built up very slowly.
    You have loads of time to get ready for this.
    Come and join the chat on the GNR thread. Loads of newbies or folk who have just done one or two GNRs.
    There'll be plenty of help for you there, some of it useful

  • Cheers - will move threads......
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