Getting your face on the page

Hi All,
I'm having great trouble getting my "face" to come up on the page. Each time I upload the file it says "picture is too wide - must be 100 pixels". I have made the pic as small as possible using MS Picture it and saving as JPEG and GIF files - what am I doing wrong. AAARRRHHHHHHHHH


  • You need Blue Knees- he's a wiz at this stuff.
  • Blue Knees please help...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You need to use a programme such as photoshop or photostudio, or any programme that can adjust photos. Do you have one on your computer? I haven't used MS piture, but it's probably the same kind of thing. The size has to be EXACT. Can't be one pixel out.
    You need to go to 'edit' and adjust the picture size to 100x120. Then adjust the picture until it matches that size. Complicated to explain.
    Try using 'help' maybe.

    It takes a lot of playing around with. I should know - I uploaded mine last night and it took me a little while.

    Maybe blue knees can explain it for you better.
  • If you still have a lot of problems then email me your picture (full sized photo to give me a lot to play with)and I'll have a go for you!
  • Thanks Beth,
    Am going to give it one more try before I take the sledgehammer to the scanner...
  • Download ArcSoft photostudio
    It makes it pretty simple.
  • I think I've done it, don't know as I am quite dim, but like playing with puter anyway
  • Alternatively, if you're still struggling, the easiest way is to go to Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint (Provided you have a PC rather than a MAC) and paste your image in there.

    Then select Image -> Attributes. From here you can enter exactly what you want the pixels to be.

    All you need to do now is save the file and upload.

    Hope that should save any downloading anyway.

  • Sorry Bean, would have helped you but missed the thread somehow. Beth is a far more pleasant sight on the eye on this thread anyway. Cheers all
  • Well - here I am in all my bean glory - I'm a bit dissapointed that the potato looks more realistic than the bean though!
    Thanks everyone
  • Glad you got it sorted out, Bean. I must say that you're really a good looking chap! I can see why you went to so much effort to get your 'face' on the forum. LOL


  • I'm a girl in real life - thanks anyway!
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