Wolverhampton Marathon

IanIan ✭✭✭
I'm hoping to get a qualifying time for the FLM at the Wolverhampton Marathon on September 1st. So, its under 3:15 or die in the attempt.

Anyone done it? I understand that its fairly flat and two laps. What are the water stations like? Do they use plastic cups or what? Are the mile markers OK?


  • As i understand it it is plastic cups. I cannot tell you too much as in recent years is was a one lap course but has been changed to a 2 lap thanks to the local police. They didn't want to get out of bed and stop/direct traffic alledgedly.

    I shall also be racing and this will be my first and possibly last marathon depending on how I do

    See you there

  • I ran W'ton Marathon in 1999 and 2000. It was fairly hilly then; and always hot days. The water stations served bottled water, i think.

    The mile markers were ever present; but one of them actually gave me the fastest mile i ever ran, at about 5 mins ...!!so I don't think they are always accurate. I think you'd notice at the time. A very good race with lots of atmosphere.
  • I ran this race last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a figure of 8 course then, starting through the town for the first half and a bit more rural for the second loop. Itis not flat but has acouple of climbs. I can't remember about water but there was plenty of it,I shall be there again this year.
  • I'm running the half marathon. I'm no: 518 so please say hi when you lap me. Trust me you will. I've only been running three months. i'll be glad just to start and finish. Good luck to you all
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