Nike PSA FM Radio

Anybody know where I can buy one as I am struggling to find a stockist and I am getting bored when I do a long slow midweek run to work.

I reckon a bit of Pete and Goeff's breakfast show on Virgon radio will stop me getting bored.

If you don't know where I can buy the Nike PSA FM radio can you recommend any others?


  • Hi Northernbaldy - got mine in Dixon's, and I've also seen them in John Lewis.
  • Thanks meerkat. Just ordered one from

    Maybe I should have asked first whether you liked it or not, but too late for that now.
  • Yes, I do! Excellent for Richard Allinson on Saturday afternoons and The Archers on Sunday. But don't get me started on that...
  • La la la la la la laaaaaaa...
  • Not Richard Allinson surely Meerkat ? Try Jonathan Ross in the morning - sooooo funny.
  • Do the earphones supplied with the Nike radio wrap around the ears? And do they have a piece of plastic joining them that runs round the nape of the neck?

    Also - volume controls. Are they on the unit or on the headphone cord, or both?

  • Hi onemoremile - the earphones wrap round the back of the head (if you see what I mean). And the volume control is on the radio's rubbery little body.
    Cougs - you bet: Jonathan Ross in the morning. Fantastic show. But Richard is my favourite jock since his LBC days, and has my undying loyalty. And he's a nice person too.
  • onemoremile - Apparently it comes with an armband so you don't have to worry about carrying the thing and also there is something about the wires to stop them flopping about all over the place.
  • Excellent. Also just ordered one from John Lewis. Thanks for the info!
  • Well after reading all your responses I think I had better get in on the act and investigate this wonderful piece of technology!!!!!!!!
  • Is this the only walkman radio around, or just the best? I came on the site to get a recommendation - why is this soooo good?
  • No, I'm sure there are others around, Hobbler, but I like it because:
    - it comes with special headphones that don't drop off
    - it has a arm carrying thingy
    - it's small and rubbery and kind of cute looking
  • I am sure that there were others but there was a product review of it in the Runners World magazine a few months ago that caught my attention.

    The headphones appeal to me as normal earphones tend to fall out when I am running.
  • ditto, NB. Read the review, had to have it.
  • ther's loads of wee radios

    Sony do a nice one that has AM as well as FM. It is small and has a belt clip. It cost about £10 more than the Nike/Philips one.

    Havn't used it - just seen it in a shop.
  • I had the Sony one and the reception (having tried both) is miles better on the Sony. The Nike one is better for running with, but I get a lot of hiss. On the Sony the sound quality was perfect....
  • I did 17M with the Nike this morning and it was great. Forgot that it was there until I took the headphones off for the last mile or so and realised just how quiet it was out there.

    I really like the headphones. No problems staying in my ears and no bounce.
  • Thanks for all the info. Based on these wise words I've gone ahead and ordered one from John - I'll let you know what I think.
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