Trimpell 20

Anyone else doing this one?


  • yep im in ww

    have you done this before??

    itll be my first time
  • Yes I have, its fairly flat, part of it is along the river in Lancaster, so quite scenic, no traffic to worry about.
  • thanks for that ww

    looking forward to it never done a 20 miler before so should be a laugh
  • Flat as a pancake - quite a few miles of it on cycle paths and because its out and back you get the leaders running back towards you after about 8-9 miles.
  • Anyone know where the water stations are? I'm treating this deadly serious as a race, and am going to experiment with a coupel of drinks. However, I'm not carrying them as they do my head in, so I was wondering where they'll be? What miles? Doesn't seem to say anywhere, as I can drive earlier on and put my own bottles on the tables then...

  • just found the thread ,doing this myself first time for this race did ashby 20 last year
    as serious as belpher rugby rover ?
  • I'll see if I can find that out where the water stations will be.
  • The water stations will be roughly at the 3, 7, 10, 13 and 17 mile marks.
    Water will also be available at the finish. If the weather is extra hot a water
    station is also put out at about the 18.5 mile point. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed its not hot
  • well i don,t no about you lot but ithink thats enough water stations
    now next question is it just water or have we got any gels at any off the stations
  • Cheers Wicked Now just need a map of the course, so I know where to chuck a coupel of energy drink bottle...

    Anyone? As they don't send one out do they, and never done this before so I couldn't even start to do one :-(

  • Pug - I've got a gps trace from last year's race.

    I can send you a GPS exchange file (.gpx) or a GoogleEarth file (.kml) - would either of these would be useful?
  • Pugheaven do you live in the area.
  • No, travelling up fro near Chester with a club friend, we're stopping over up the road for Saturday night. Chillin' read a book, eat choclate and drink and get an early night ;-)

    5 days to go... and the wind and rain is picking up... damn it... bring on the sun lol, with some rain ;-)

  • Pugheaven water stations will be at Millenium Bridge, Halton Bridge & Caton Bridge going out and coming back. Not sure if thats of any help to you if you don't know the area. And yes rain is forcast for the weekend.
  • Good stuff, cheers for that wicked... Njord kindly sent me a GPS, so going to have a look when I come up on Saturday afternoon and weigh it up... I'll try and find what mile points these bridges are on and maybe hide a drink of my own at them... taking me own special drink with loads of carbs in it... :-)

  • Just be aware that the route is not the same as last year. They had to change the route due to a bridge closure last year, it has now reverted back to the original one which follows the river up to Bull Beck at Caton.
  • thanks for keeping us informed wicked,
    weather looks ok for sun rain in the afternoon but they have been known to get it wrong
  • Well, good luck to everyone, I've decided I'll probably race, haven't ran all week with bad calf problems... but did 4 this morning, and it's bearable so... see you all tomorrow ;-)
  • Well what can I say... the worst piece of uncontrolled running I've ever done...

    Warmed up and legs felt okay, although heavy. Went out in the 2nd lead group, which placed me 4th ish... group was 5 including me.

    Went through 1 mile too quick and slowed... once I went through 2nd mile,m thought well, achillies isn't reacting... so lets see what I can do...

    It was very windy, but thought, maybe do 15 miles of it as close to 6:00m/m, fat chance...

    Realised when I got to 5, I was working too hard and made the decision to slow of and let the group go ahead.... this left me in 8th position and in no mans land for 15 miles though, and that's not good. Realised at 8 mile, that the club record was slipping away, and it was time to work, but legs were starting to feel it now... although I was happy to do 6:20's, felt very easy, wasn't breathing hard... then at 12 mile, the wheels just came off... just legs were gone... and it was very fustrating...

    So, at 14 mile, it was hang on time... and forget times... race... I could just see a yellow shirt, one of the lads had fell off that pack... so just prayed he failed and came back to me... but was running on fumes now...

    17 mile was it... it was hang on time, and the realisation that I'm a 100% Tool going off so quick...

    So, what have I learnt?

    1). I'm no where near 6:00 m/m pace pace for a 20 miler.

    2). Injury isn't playing up, which is a massive releaf...

    3). You can't run quick with no runs in 6 days prior to a race

    4). I don't run well in the wind...

    5). I know what I have to do in the next 11 weeks...

    6). My pacing is dreadful, and and the sooner I realise this, then I'll have better races.

    7). I'm simply not good enough, either on the day or in general and am considerably slower than I thought I was going to be.

    1 Mile = 5:48
    2 Mile = 6:04 (11:52)
    3 Mile = 6:01 (17:53)
    4 Mile = 5:54 (23:48)
    5 Mile = 6:00 (29:49)
    6 Mile = 6:07 (35:56)
    7 Mile = 6:08 (42:05)
    8 Mile = 6:20 (48:25)
    9 Mile = 6:20 (54:46)
    10 Mile = 6:29 (01:01:15)
    11 Mile = 6:41 (01:07:57)
    12 Mile = 6:34 (01:14:32)
    13 Mile = 6:22 (01:20:55)
    14 Mile = 6:45 (01:27:40)
    15 Mile = 6:58 (01:34:38)
    16 Mile = 6:51 (01:41:30)
    17 Mile = 6:59 (01:48:30)
    18 Mile = 7:04 (01:55:34)
    19 Mile = 6:59 (02:02:34)
    20 Mile = 6:18 (02:08:53)

    Can I also say, was nice to meet Clive West, one of the best club runners around the Chester area.... ncie to speak to you and well done on your 3rd position, awesome stuff mate... deffo 2:38 territory in London ;-)

  • anyone no where i can find the results
  • They'll be at -but not there yet. There were a few photographers around the course today - anyone know if they will be available online?
  • they are actually on Dave's site now - that's
  • yeah, wouldn't mind seeing any photoes if anyone has a linky?

  • 'Enjoyed' the run yesterday - managed to keep pace steady throughout.
    Wind was a killer thru the town after the turning point.

    Anyone know where the results are listed?

  • Does anyone know were the photos have been posted yet
  • Nope... got the results, but no photo's dying to see them :-(

  • We want pics !!!!!!!
  • Anybody know of the date of next years race? sounds a good race to do.
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