I've been rejected for the past 4 years, do I get an entry for 2008 or is it 5 rejections?


  • 5 rejections and then you automatically get in the 6th year - so you should be able to run it in 2009 if rejected next year as well.
  • Thanks Sweetie.
  • ((((3.58.33))))

    Hug so you don't feel completely rejected
  • Please do not get bamboozled by one marathon. there are lots of marathons out there. Remember it is 26.2 miles whichever one you do. Mudlark
  • Yes there are dozens of other UK marafuns, try Beachy Head, its easily as much fun as London.
  • hmm I can't remember if i have applied the last 4 or 5 years... it's a long time ago. Does anyone know if there is a way of checking with FLM?
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