Running Shoe Types

Hi, I have been training for the FLM 2007. I need to buy some new running shoes as my existing shoes have bitten the dust. Could anyone advise me if it's possible to get my feet checked out by a recognised shoe specialist in an attempt to ensure I buy the cortrect type of running shoes. Any advice on specialists around the South East Wales area would be appreciated.


  • Have you seen this?

    Many years ago I had my feet measured by a machine in Sweatshop after getting loads of blisters, it worked. Not sure that they still do that, no mention of it on their site that I can see and no shops in Wales. Think experts can tell from your shoes how you run so if you visit a shop take your old shoes with you.
  • Hi Gareth,
    I've just been assessed for some shoes at Up & Running in York (

    I tried various shoes on a treadmill while they video'ed my feet. This was linked to a laptop that enabled them to study how my gait varied from shoe to shoe until they came up with a reccommendation.

    I accept you're a very long way from York, but if you drop them an email they may be able to put you in touch with someone a bit nearer who's using a similar system.
  • Run and become in Cardiff? Nearest Sweatshop is probably Bristol
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