Swimming costumes

Am looking for a new one. Think I'm about a 38 (need to lose a bit of weight).

Has to have enough fabric to cover my bust and not be too expensive or black.

Am thinking maybe a two-piece/tankini-style one would be easiest?

Any suggestions gratefully received.


  • have a look at www.mailsports.co.uk as they have a fantastic selection at pretty good prices.

    not too sure about the long body bit but you could try phoning them for advice as they've always been very helpful to me

    alternatively, do Long Tall Sally do costumes?
  • I suggest yuo get some pics taken in each costume and send them to me and I'll tell you which one's best! ;0)

  • Has to be Speedo. Would recommend the Speedo Hydrasuit which is quite versatile:-


    good for swimming and underneath for running / cycling (like a base layer t-shirt). Zips up at the back.
  • See, that's where the long body mucks things up. There's seldom enough fabric lengthways.

    Ta so far though, two quite good sites.
    I've seen a couple on each, and some great bargains...
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Speedos do well on the length.
  • I'm pretty sure I've seen Speedo suits as advertised with extra long bodies, but not sure which retailer stocks them. Allen's of Kingsbury or any other specialist swimwear retailer should be able to advise.
  • hows about a couple of fig leaves?????:0))))))))))
  • I just got the Long Tall Sally one in the sale. It's nice and it has some bust support but it is not very sporty but I think it will work. I haven't used it yet though!
    Alternatively take a trip to the Netherlands - more tall busty women there so sports shops usually stock a better selection.
  • Oh - just saw the black clause. I think the LTS one only comes in black!
  • The only swimsuit I ever had which was long enough, and didn't give me a wedgie, was a Speedo one. And I managed to lose it!

    Tankini types are good too, and you can often mix and match pants/top styles. I seem to remember BHS having quite a broad selection last year or the year before.

  • Speedo can be ok but only if you get the old lycra type a couple of sizes too big (which means that they can be baggy around the legs) and not the endurance fabric. I am 5'9". I ordered a 'nice' speedo as a treat and it did not reach to my chest even. It was clearly meant for a 5'3" person. What are they playing at? Women are getting taller and it is about time that the manufacturers did something about it. Especially for those who don't want double layers, bust reinforcement, etc etc, but actually want to swim.
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