Bolton 10K 2007

then this is an excellent alternative. Fairly challenging course and well organised as I remember -having done it the last 3 years. Have just entered -anyone else up for this one?


  • I only live around the corner, but have never done this. Just about to enter. I think it usually gets a good turn out so it should be good.
    Any hills?
  • Couple of hills but nothing too strenuous.
    If you are from Bolton and run locally as I do then there is nothing you wouldn't come across on your daily routes.
    Is hard to train in Bolton without running up hills!
  • ND -the hills are a small one going into Little Lever (after a nice downhill) -and from the Garden Centre on Radcliffe Moor Rd up onto Bury Rd -about 400m. A nice downhill on Garstang Ave compensates for that later.
  • Does anybody know if there are any places left?
  • Plenty places left - I see the organiser most weeks at the Harriers. You should be able to enter on the day too.
  • At the moment I understand there are around 390 entries so far so plenty left.
  • Anyone have the route?

    From my best guess I make it roughly

    Start on Long Lane at the track?
    Follow Radcliffe Rd B6209 through Little Lever over a roundabout upto Radcliffe turn left up Unsworth St left onto Turks Rd join Radcliffe Moor Road past the Garden Centre joining the A58 Bury New Road then turn left onto Garstang Ave follow a footpath to join the running track.

    This is a 1 lap guess by using Memory Map and the comments from DoctorK.

    Is this right?

    Thanks for any clarification.

  • I think the route will be -start on Long Lane, Radcliffe rd, Dove bank rd, Marsh Rd, left Church St, Countess Lane,Radcliffe Moor rd -past Garden centre up onto Bury Rd A58, left Garstang Ave, right Blenheim rd, Left Long Lane -past the track right into car park road and onto track for the finish.
  • Thanks for the details DoctorK
  • DoctorK

    I've reviewed some of the old Bolton 10k threads. After Marsh Rd does it follow onto Masefield Road to join the A6053 High Street/Stopes Road.

    And do you start and finish with a lap of the track?

    Thanks in advance.
  • It does finish on the track -last year it started on the road outside. Re the route yes I think it does -I did the above off the top of my head.
  • Im new to running in races and im looking to get started in a few easy 10k races so as to get the feel for the environment of running in organised events. Would anyone recommend the Bolton 10k as a first race to get me going or is it quite a competitive race? I live local in Wigan and have noticed that it is only a month away.

    If you could offer any advice that would be most helpful
  • Paul, I'd recommend it; there are a couple of inclines but overall you should be fine. The entry will probably be between 7 and 800 and times range from 31 mins or so to 1 hr 30 so you should be allright.

    It was my first ever 10K 3 years ago and it was fine for me.
  • I did it last year and had a stinker, however, if it's on the same day as the London Marathon, I'll be sitting infront of the TV, with a brew... watching my club mates ;-) Shame.

  • Thanks alot for that advice, you have instilled some confidence in me now haha. Well im going to have a go at it and i will see how it goes.

    thanks again and it was much appreciated

  • Ran this last year and the only hill worth mentioning (which does need mentioning) comes around 4m and is fairly steep but short.
    With the sportsground in-site last year, I dug my heals in for a big finish, however, a chap fell at a crossing just in front of me, anyone know who he is?
    I finished around 53mins (quite pleased, seeing that I stopped to help the chap who fell!)
    Is the start time the same as last year?
  • Yep it's 9.30am start
  • Not sure about the 7- 800, but a good number of finishers last year (546).

    and it's always better to take part than watch, put the video on for the London Marathon!
  • Hurrah! After a 2 year hiatus (injury and operation), I'm going to return to this old favourite of mine. It was my first 10k, so I've fond memories. I've now got my entry in, so I'll see you all in just under 2 weeks!
  • According to the organiser around 550 entries so far 750 limit.
  • Paul M

    I live in the wigan and the Bolton 10k is a good, well organised event.

    Whearabouts in Wigan do you live??, I'm Marus Bridge.
  • Hey Martyn,

    I live in Ashton or to be precise Bryn next ot the Three Sisters pretty much.

    ye i like the look of this race. I have checked out where it is and the event and entered probably a week or so ago. Looking forward to it now as it is my 1st oprganised race. Hopefully many more to come after this.

    Cheers for the advice,

    And maybe see you race day,

  • Hello Everyone

    Just a quick request here....

    I'm coming over from Wakefield and of course dont know the area, I've got directions from The AA but can anyone tell me if there is some car parking?

    I will be leaving Wakefield reasonably early to hopefully give me a chance of getting a good parking spot, but is there somewhere to park?

    Thanks in advance

    See you all there!
  • There is a decent amount of parking on and around the site so you should have no trouble.
  • Thanks for that Doctor K, much appreciated.
    As I said yesterday, I look forward to seeing everyone there on Sunday, really looking forward to it.
  • Traffic note -there is overnight work on the A666 St Peter's Way between Kearsley and Farnworth advertised and it will be closed between those 2 points until 10am Sunday morning. Anyone coming that way into Bolton prepare to be diverted at the Kearsley roundabout (link from the M61) -so allow a bit of time for that -shouldn't be too bad early morning
  • Have been informed via a harriers e mail that they will now be unable to take entries on the day due to the size of the entry. There are however a few runners world slots left so anyone on the last minute do it online a.s.a.p
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