Ankle support for running?

I've had lots of ankle problems over the years, but have now had both ankles reconstructed using Brostrom ligament surgery (2003 and 2006). My doc assures me that all should now be well.

I'm trying to wean myself away from using ankle braces, and have used the Malleoloc very successfully on my right ankle for hill-walking. However, I'm trying to do a bit of trail running to strengthen everything up and find the Malleoloc uncomfortable for running downhill (I don't need the support for going uphill).

Can anyone suggest an ankle support that is both supportive and comfortable for running? I eventually aim to stop using any support, but only with time and when my confidence is restored!

Many thanks,



  • Judith I had a major ankle trauma, a riding accident, in 1999, and since have always run with an ankle support. I suggest going to Boots who do the ProSport supports, but get the Boots own version (blue outside and red inside) as it's cheaper and looks identical.

    I don't get pain running now but the next morning the ankle ligaments are a bit tight, but much less so when I wear the support.

    Give it a go. BP
  • Hi - I've had a lot of ankle problems due to spraining my ankles about 8 times each. Last year, I made a mess of my right ankle following my first attempt at fell-running - hospital trip, ruptured tendon in ankle. I have done the strengthening and stretching exercises etc. but now it appears that my ankles are too flexible and the proprioception is damaged meaning that I sprain my ankles very easily off road. However, I've found the answer. I bought a Muller Soccer Ankle Brace for each ankle. They are a lace up ankle brace, but they are not as bulky as the usual lace up ones. I use these only when running off road. They have worked for me. They hold your ankles really stable, without being too restrictive. The only downside I would say is that they don't fit well in a fell-shoe, but they are fine with a trail shoe. However, as I'm not planning on doing anymore fell-running, they are fine.
  • Does anyone know anything about the Aircast A60? I saw it on the web last night. It's a new model and is supposedly suitable for running and wearing inside a trainer.
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