Traffic Congestion?

doesn't it?


  • piggy backs that will sort it, also saves space.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    [smiles smugly]
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    "Rush hour" here lasts about 15 minutes, and can be easily by-passed with a little planning.

    The thought of spending 2 hours going 5 miles, or whatever, means I will never live anywhere else.
  • I don't think it wil happen at all, it's a story put out to scare us. The government will start up a massively watered down version, or just put up petrol tax (which make more sense), and we'll all be relieved and accept it.
  • Replace all speed cameras with anti tank guns.

    That'll reduce congestion....
  • Man after my own heart FR!!

    And same for anyone who parks on double yellows. Especialy if they claim "it's only for 10 minutes"
  • Seriously - I think they're going about it the wrong way.

    Instead of pricing people off the road they should be offering employers tax breaks to have a percentage of their workforce telecommuting, and investing in the e-infrastructure to make that happen.

    Thats the quickest and surest way to take cars off the road.
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    And put retractable "stingers" in box junctions, so that if you are stopped on them when you shouldn't be.....POP!
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    Ah but Kwilter, if you park with one wheel on either side of the double yellow, it's ok.

  • Too soft Nessie

    I'd put proximity activated landmines in box junctions
  • I would love not to have a commute, I have a 55 mile round trip each day but having moved to Yorkshire the first decent job offer was 27 miles from home so what should you do?
    I could really handle not forking out £200 a month for petrol to start with.
    The inference seems to be that we all want to commute and for that we should be punished. Wrong!
  • This road charging idea would work wonderfully for a country with a real public transport system where taking busses or trains were a feasible alternative, or for people who live in a capital city and therefore have an alternative.

    Unfortunately for those of us who do not, it will not ease congestion just make money for the government.
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    Public transport has to be improved massively before it can work. Our office is on a 'business park' and there are thousands of people working here. It is in a reasonably rural area but just off the motorway. The problem is there are about 3 or 4 buses a day. Nearest rail station 30 minutes walk away, where you would have to walk along the side of a dual carriage way (no footpaths).

    We have been looking for a couple of employees recently and unless they have their own transport it is pretty much out of the question for them to even come for an interview.

    It is unfair on people who will have to pay it in certain areas, they will not drop fuel tax to compensate. How are these people supposed to travel to work??
  • WOuld love not to have to commute - currently am driving 63 miles each way, which following a change of jobs from Monday reduces to 48 miles each way - depsite my assurances at the interviews - will keep options open and see if anything comes up nearer!
  • Id also love not to have to commute but havent any choice at the mo. I have applied for quite a few jobs within walking distance actually which would be good. However its not me that this country needs to worry about- I go everywhere by bus, apart from ocasional lifts to races with several of us in the car, or walk or whatever. Its the morons who clog up our roads going half a mile down the s0dding road, alone,when they could probably car share and then moan about the traffic. Car sharing/using public transport etc, from my observations this morning would half the amount of traffic on the road from my house to the centre of Leeds.I can partially understand though why you wouldnt want to use public transport as its sh@te, but why not walk you lazy .... Vicious circle until public transport is improved.

    Rant over. Thanks for the opportunity:-)
  • Congestion is isolated to specific areas/roads/road junctions.

    The whole national road network is not congested all the time. As such, as national scheme is inherently unfair. Localised ideas need to be given to local problems.

    People out there on the roads doing their business at 11am are probably not causing any problem.. so why should they suffer??

    We already pay a pricing structure via petrol tax. The more you drive, the more you pay. Why change it and add extra tax..?? It is simply not fair. It is also unworkable. Some people drive now without tax or insurance. Why should we assume they are going to buy a 'black box'..??

    End of story.

  • The congestion at the primary school round the corner from is so bad at finishing the time that the parents now arrive half an hour early to pick up their little darlings to save them that exhausting half mile walk home.

    Re-introduce free school buses.
    Reduce road tax for lorries that only use the roads at night.
    Get more freight off the roads and back onto the rails.
    Do summat about the shite public transport system in this country.
    Have more, and better, cycle lanes.
  • Re better cycle lanes, I think we all know of silly ones. In my city, they built a relativley long one at considerable expense, unfortunately, it was fairly narrow with lamp-posts in the middle - cyclists had to swerve either into pedestrians or into a dual carriageway to avoid them.
  • Another one, ban parents from parking in cycle lanes outside schools when they go to pick their kids up.
  • The school run is a huge problem everywhere it seems. Caused by taking away funding for school buses/coaches and allowing parents choice of any schools, not just those within walking distance of your house....

    The problem has been caused by government policy, and now they want to charge us for the privilage!
  • Can you not still get free bus passes for schoolchildren living over 3 miles away from the school. I'm sure this is still available as an occasional but regular local news item is '13 year old Jonny lives 2.9 miles way from school and has to walk each day etc'.
  • Not in Plymouth you can't Trendell!

    Son goes to secondary school nearly 5 miles away and it costs us a tenner a week. The local school is an arts specialist college, which doesn't even offer seperate sciences at GCSE, while the one he goes to is specialist maths and science.

    At primary school, parents park up to half an hour before school finishes, to save having to walk more than 10 yards. I suggested to 1 mum she could park outside my house and walk, but she told me it was too far to walk! We, naturally take our private helicopter to and from school!

    Love the idea about activated mines in yellow junctions.
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