£40 a month Gym membership.

get use of all facilitie including gym , pool and sauna -is that good?


  • Hoose - do you have to pay for classes as well or are they included in the price? How's the non-smoking going since the other day?
  • Depends. I'd say £40 was pretty good altho' without seeing the facilities it's hard to say. I pay £37 a month (gym, classes, pool and use of sports hall) but there are gyms round here that are up to £50.

    At the end of the day Hoose the only way of working it out is by looking at how much use you'll get out of it and then you can see what your 'per visit' cost will be. If you only go once or twice a week then maybe it is expensive but if you go more often then it's good. I go to my gym at least 5 times a week for anything up to 2.5/3 hours a time so I more than get my money's-worth!
  • well, I would say if classes are free it's well worth the price especially with the pool included. It's a little (just a little) pricey if you have to pay for classes. However, if it's only 200 yards away you're laughing cos you're already on a winner cos you'll never be able to use the "I'm too tired to travel to the gym" excuse... You'll be able to really get loads from it. I used to live in the gym... to the point that I ran my first marathon in 4.15 with VERY little running. I stopped going for various reasons (overtraining.. bodyfat was down to 5% for too long and I got sick, then depression, then just ben a fat alco fool etc.) but there are lots of good things about being in a gym... the step machine is a great workout, swimming is a great cross trainer for running, social activities arranged through it will open your circle up a bit. Goin with the OH will benefit your relationship... I'd say go for it! And during the winter when you can't get out for a run it will really work out well! And best of luck with the smokes.. I'm off them since ew Year's and ended up buying a packet of 10 yesterday for some reason(?).. Gah! Evil things!!!!!
  • Sounds OK, I pay £37.50 per month for pool, sauna, gym and classes - plus as its council owned I get to use a second leisure centre. I use the pool six out of seven days and do three classes so I reckon its a bargain, its worth working out you cost per visit to see if its worthwhile.
  • Only if you use it at least 3 times a week.
  • Other things to check Hoose - is there a joining fee and/or a minimum membership period.
  • It might be that they're doing a special at the mo. My gym occasionally does reduced/no joining fees, especially if it's an intro by an existing member. And will that £40 a month be joint membership? It usually works out a bit cheaper if you take out a joint membership rather than single one.
  • The local council gym is £28/month, no joining fee or minimum period. You get to use all the 3 swimming pools around the city and their weights/cardio stuff, classes cheaper but not free.
  • went 'round to have a look -changed now £20 membership and £3o per month off peak -can use all facilities -that would suit me nicely coz don't work much yet. Now I'm off fags it is easily affordable. Gawd -new fully fit fag free hoose:O)
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