Grizzly 2003

Injured friend not competing. As Axe Valley Runners allow transfers it is available for the £13 entry fee.

Anybody want the place?

Local (Devon) prefered so that I can get the number to you before race day.


  • Someone must want this - normally you would have to enter 6 months in advance!
  • Ive got two places as well one male one female
  • Good old Axe Valley Runners - I wish others would do this when their races are full.
  • Boing!
  • Much to my surprise this is still available!

    Any late takers?
  • Boing again, sorry 100, nobody seems to want to put themselves through it, never mind more mud for me and thee.

    Leaving now may see you at the paste party later.
  • Hi Jim

    Enjoy the pasta party, as a local I'm just turning up on the morning.

    I will hand the spare place in to race HQ, so one runner will be able to enter on the day.

    Race was previewed on TV yesterday - looks good!

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