sniffle - spring bacteria

Hello you lot
I'm looking for some inspiration. I was running about 10 miles per week (slowly) and really enjoying it; motivation wasn't a problem at all, even in the yuck weather. For the last two weeks I've had really poorly tonsils and have now got a snuffly runny-nose cold on top of that. Have no interest in running, all I want to do is sleeeeep. Managing work OK (being self employed is a fundamental motivation) but can anyone inspire me to get out the front door again....heeeeeelp!


  • Oranges and lots of them. I am convinced this helps me overcome any cold/flu type bug...
  • if you've flu - rest - running is not going to help you. If it's only cold take VitC, maybe echinacha.
  • thanks - bought a stack of oranges today and some echinacha (faith healing next, I think!)
  • I've found echinacea really useful in the pastif taken at the start of a cold..that said i had a horrible flu thing that crept up on me and knocked me for six , now i have a delightful chest infection...The doc says i started training too soo after the flu and that's what caused I suppose it's important to rest & recuperate properly.Now I can't do the Reading half.
  • I ran too soon after that bug! ended up with high blood pressure which in the end I had to rest, am just starting to feel better, but take heed and listen to that body, it's cleverer than we think, I will make it to London but will take it slower and enjoy the scenery! Good luck Jax
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