Down the pan?

Mine was being a tough13 year old going to second hand shop with some cars and some of me dads records. Went in all growd up to do te deal and the woman kept grinning. Got a few bod burt wondered why she laughed. Half way down the street I noticed my fly was undone and old boner was taking a look outside for all to see:O(


  • Ouch! Poor Hoose!

    The window from our landing used to overlook the green where I used to hang around with mates as a teenager. Every night at some stupidly early time, my dad used to hold a torch on his head and turn round and round in the window to indicate that I had to go home.

    We got called The Lighthouse Family.
  • LOL - that is funny as f***!!
  • Thanks Hoose. Even worse was when dad used to turn up on my girl's bike and wearing his jodhpurs to get me when the fair was on and I was with my cool mates.
  • I thought this was gonna be about shitting damn it.
  • I dropped a greasy slider down the back of the pan as soon as i got in. Alas, I have yet to arrange for it's removal!
  • Lyra, thats very funny, poor you!
  • When I was about nineteen I was off out on the lash with my mates on a Saturday night, I had brought some new jeans and decided to wear them on the night out. About 2-3 o'clock in the morning a bit worse for wear while standing out side the local take-away my so called mates thought it was about time to tell me that I had gone out with all the shop labels still on the jeans, not only the long sticky labels with waist size and leg size going down the back of each leg but also the in the sale label hanging off the back.
  • dragging a model boat on a piece of string round the edge of a boating pool, missed my footing and fell in. :0)))))))))))) all my mates were watching

  • I was dressed as a 1920 'flapper' girl fancy dress.....walked through the local village.......with the dress tucked in my bridget jones twin said she noticed but thought it was all part of the outfit???????? Then just to make sure that everyone saw my knickers did it again....later on during the evening after powdering my nose!!!!!!

    It was about 15 years ago but I still hang my head in shame....

    Lynn :)
  • Oh Lynn, Lynn, Lynn...

    But believe me I am laughing!

  • Lyra,

    Thinking about it makes me laugh.....twice in one evening did I not learn the first time???? sister will remind me about the incident every now and then just so I will never forget.

    Still undergoing counselling......the shame oh the shame.

    Lynn :)
  • Worked nights driving a stacker truck on a busy freight yard. It was freezing cold, so I'd wear my Ex's Navy blue/pale blue diamond pattern wooly tights under my overalls - Had a smash and ended up being taken to hospital with a suspect broken ankle.

    Nurses were most amused
  • Lol!

    I have another. Early teens, I fancied the pants off the boy who sat opposite me in maths. Being the flat-chested, pony riding type, he never gave me a second look. Until one day! For a perfect moment our eyes met over our calculators and all I could think of was to keep cool, and be charming and gorgeous. Aiming to cultivate an air of relaxed demureness, I leaned back rocking on my chair. And promptly fell off it.
  • No, but having no cred is a good thing - it's like having no money, you don't have to worry about losing it.

    He was more of a skateboarder. It was destined to fail from the start.
  • bringing this old chestnut up again (why-coz I want to)-lol
  • Made me laugh!

    I don't remember anything particular, just that when I was in school, my Dad always dropped me off at parties so that I was the earliest, and also collected me the earliest. Zero street cred!

  • ((moomoo))-just aint cool, that
  • When i was 15 i was out shopping with my mum and as you do at that age, you know everything and might give a bit of back chat - very wrong i know - but hey i was 15.  Anyway after a few warnings which i didnt heed, she dropped her bags whipped me trousers down slapped my arse and told me i wasnt to old for a smacked bottom.

    Oh the embarrassment - was a bit quiet then

  • ((trev)) -that would have shut me up for a week
  • My one and only falling off due to forgetting to unclip.  Been out riding for 70 off road miles, no problem.  Stopped at teh Shell garage on the A23 coming through Croyden.  Early afternoon on New Years eve.  Place was heaving, and I ride up, stop, balance for a couple of seconds and then jsut topple over in full view of a dozen or so cars all queuing up to use the pumps. 

    That wasn;t the embarasing bit.

    As I'm laying on the wet forecourt an invalid trike squeaks over and the very polite and well meaning rider asks if I need any assistance. 

  • hope youve got over itimage 
  • boing
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