Are you heavy but quick?

Don't want to get personal - but is there anyone out there who defies the first law of distance running that is - 'thou must not carry any excess blubber'

I put weight on very easily by which of course I mean I eat a lot, which I've managed to do very effectively since last April when I suffered an achilles nightmare. When I returned to running again in January after an impressive 36 week lay-off, I had managed to put on a even more impressive 40lbs.

So weighing in a whisker under 14 stone I carted myself around a 10k course in January in just outside 40 minutes. Although the reflection which stared back at me in the few shop/car windows was really distressing I was quite encouraged by the time.

Even on form and at my 'racing weight' I am always noticeably heavier than everyone who finishes around me in races. This may be to do with the fact that I am a hog in the food department and never put in more than about 25-30mpw. Are you a chunky champion? Or is that just an oxymoron?


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    JRM - It looks like I am similar to you, except, I have a pot belly and run around 40-41 mins for 10k at 14 st.

    I have been running for 8 years and used to weigh in at 12 1/2 stone, then I gave up smoking and the weight pilled on and I have never been able to lose it.

    When training for Maras im am up to 40 -50 miles per week, normall trg is around 35-40 mpw.....

    But I do love my food, and am reasonably happy with my weight and speed.
  • As a side point, what is considered a light or heavy runner? Okay being 14 stone I would say is a bit heavy, but I'm 19 and weigh a little over 10 stone. How is that classed?

    I'm not someone obsessed with my weight, just to be clear.

    I'm simply interested in what makes a light runner. We see racing shoes marketed at runners who are usually not too heavy, but what is that?
  • I am fat and slow



    but i do maras and ultras
  • It does depend on how tall you are but I don't think I know any man who is under 10 stone so it's pretty safe to say you are a light runner.
  • I'm quite tall (around 5ft 10 or 11). I guess there is a connection between height and weight aswell.
  • 40mins for 10k, carrying 14 stones on under 30 miles a week is impressive. If it's blubber not muscle, think what you coud do if you lost it!
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    I would suggest spending less time in the 'Sunar Banglar' in Churchfenton JRM {O:

    Apart from the midrith growth I hope all is well.
  • I resent the fact that im called a "bigger" runner! 6ft 14st of muscle and 40min(ish) 10k..........:)
  • I'm half the weight of some of you fellas and will never run a 40min 10k. Respect :o)
  • Raptor.......seen my thighs :0

    Rugby boys do it in style.......

  • 5'10". When I was 14st2 I could do a 45 min 10k at best. Have lost weight to 80kgs (nearly 12.5st) and have speeded up to 42 mins 10k.

    Some of the issue as well seems to be the relationship between muscle and speed. I did for a while do a lot of weights in the gym and my speed seemed to go down as my chest expanded. Conversely I lose it off my chest b4 I lose it off my belly.
  • Conversely I lose it off my chest b4 I lose it off my belly.

    P I E S
    Pies alex :0
  • Im not that heavy but my wieght fluctuates when I stop I training (I tend to either run loads if im training for an event or go for months not running at all and descend into heavy drinking) at peak fitness I weigh 11st3 odd (im 6ft). When Im out of shape I can go over 12st. At the beggining of jan I was 12st4 (after a 4 months layoff from running)

    Just losing a few pounds I can really feel the difference in speed and lightness on my feet. When coming back from a layoff My gaining in pace is usually directly proportionl to me shedding the excess pounds - I think most people have their own optimum running weight.

    Im currently down to 11st 8 so still carrying a bit of excess (10 pound loss since 1st jan)

    One thing that does bother me and that I have started to notice in the last couple years is that once you hit mid thirties it gets harder to shift that horrible lining of fat you get during a layoff period. I use to be able to lose half stone in a few weeks just by doing a few runs and not altering my diet/drinking at all. Now it doesnt budge unless I do over 60 miles a week countless pressups and situps and watch my diet/drinking.

    One thing I am sure though is the lighter you are the easier it is to go fast.
  • When I was 14st 4lbs last May, I did the Market Drayton 10k in 38:39 which was a PB at the time. Weight is a killer... I got down to 12st 10lbs for Ribble Valley on New Years eve, and did 35:58...

  • Pug - Show off :P

    14st? That's not heavy for a tall guy.
  • too heavy for a runner.. ;-)

  • I'm 6'2" and just under 15 stones (was 18+ a few years ago), and can do 5k in under 22mins, which is slower than a lot of people on here. But, at least it looks like I'll be able to get faster without having to cut out all the pies :)

  • Perspective is a wonderful thing. I'm looking forward to becoming as heavy as 14 stone. Presently 14 stone 9 lbs but down from 18 1/2 stone in November.

    I feel light as a feather. Can't wait for my speed to catch up with how light I feel


  • Well I am 19 stone and 6 pounds, a positive wall of muscle, do 2 miles a week training and can run 10k in 29 minutes and 16 seconds. Can any readers beat that ?

    I might add that when I was 22 stone (I have lost a tad off my biceps) I could do 10k in not far shy of 27 minutes.

    Just goes to show that light does not always mean quick.
  • I am 6'2" and weigh just under 14 stone. Unlike most of the posters here I would be gutted if my weight dropped too much. I have a PB for the 10k of 36:43 and the only way I want it to come down is by training not by becoming too skinny. Being normal weight is good. Pie anyone....
  • Hi Norbert.
    You must be representing your country in the next olympics with those times and weight.

    Finbar, being skinny is not good but not carrying excess weight will obviously make running easier.
  • you all sound rather gawjuss in my book

    tall, solid and fit

    yum yum
  • Hippo, behave girl... blimey ;-)

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