Too much exercise???

My wife had a go at me last week – said I do too much exercise. This is a fairly typical week:

Monday am: Swimming
pm: Aerobics (fortnightly)
Tuesday am: 6 mile run
pm: Aerobics
Wednesday: 20k bike ride
Thursday: badminton
Sunday: 6+ mile run or an event

I also play golf once or twice a month (in the winter).

I'm 49 (but have never grown up!!!) and think I'm reasonably fit.

Doesn’t seem too bad to me – what do you think?


  • Well, at least you have 2 days off which is good, but 2 activities on monday and tuesday seems like a lot! Having said that, it's lots of different activities so you're not over doing it in one area. As long as you're not obsessive about it and you eat enough, you're not getting injured and it doesnt interfere with the rest of your life then I'd say carry on!
  • In terms of too much exercise - I dont think it is an excessive amount. I am sure there are people out there of a similar age who do much more.

    However, is the comment from your wife more directed towards the fact that you are doing stuff without her? Perhaps she feels left out?

    Obviously this is a VERY presumptious comment, and I know nothing about your personal circumstances Nick, and indeed you might do some of these things together?? But if you are not doing some things together, based on what you put in your initial post, I would think that she might feel left out, or a bit cheesed off if she is left at home while you train.

  • I agree with Nick L (and I'm a native speaker of Girl Talk). What she's really saying is "I feel you're neglecting me."
  • Nick C - the raptor is spot on mate!
  • Ah yes - you're probably all right!!!!

    She does come to the badminton, and the Wednesday bike ride is lunchtime, so that shouldn't bother her.

    Another thing she has maoned about in the past is the amount of washing I produce!! She occasionally tells me to do it myself, but when I keep asking how the washing machine works, she usually gives up and says "Oh leave it, I'll do it".

  • Of course if this is the case it should be quite possible to do something together - hiking at the weekend? Bike ride round a forest trail? Aerobics?
  • I don't want her coming to the aerobics!!! I'm the only bloke in a class full of women - she'd spoil my fun!!!!
  • Nick C - you are kidding about the washing machine, aren't you ?
  • ha ha ha ha!! (aerobics!)

    Ok...alternatively then why not suggest that you do something together that is 'her' thing.... whether it be a one off thing every so often, or something more frequent?

    As for washing....(not sure if you were joking here?!) they really are very simple (if I can manage it!) Insert clothes....put detergent in, put on something at 30/40C. Turn on.
    dont forget to take clothes out when finished!

    I would like to point out that my suggestions come from someone who is single, and never been married. So may not be totally reliable!
  • What's with all this exercising-together malarkey? Maybe she doesn't want to do exercise. I'd suggest offering to share a weekend doing whatever she wants to do. Which may well be something completely different and not involve moving from the sofa :o)
  • Yeah - She wants to be with you on her terms not simply tagging along with your stuff.

    My hubby does most of our washing - but he did once "cook" some of his dirty scuddies by mistaking the tumble drier timer for a temperature setting!
  • I think I've just about got the hang of the washing nmachine - the trouble is putting her nice white tops in with my coloured kit!!!!

    The things she likes doing is scrapbooking and sewing - not my idea of fun at all!!!!

    But she does like walking - I'll try and make more of an effort to take her out walking at weekends!!!

    (But the main reason for the thread was to ask if I was overdoing the exercise -selfishly thinking of myself!!!)
  • And the concrete answer to that question, Nick, is no, from a physical aspect the amount of exercise you're doing is unlikely to cause you any problems.

    Apart from injuries caused by flying teacups, of course ;o)

    (If she wants you to sit in front of the telly twiddling your thumbs while she cuts out little snippets of paper instead of going out training, I'd personally consider that to be unreasonable.)
  • Thanks Velociraptor - that's what I wanted to hear!!!!

    (I'm off to golf now, while the wife waits in for the Gas man to do the service!!!!)
  • not that we've seen to the route of the problem, i'd just like to say I do love the "Am I doing to much training" threads.

    Been a while....aaaah the memories.
  • not = now
  • Hey Nick. How's tricks?

    I do a lot more than that, but I try to fit it in so it doesn't interfere with home life.

    I run 7 mornings of the week (but get up at 6am every day and do it before brekkie).

    Other than that, I play footie Monday evenings, do a bit of yoga Tues and Thurs evenings (though at home), with a run Wed and Fri evenings.

    Sometimes my wife joins in with the yoga, but more often than not she goes for a jog those 2 days while I do it and keep an eye on the dinner. Then Sunday when I finish my long run, she goes out for her own jog......

    I guess what's reasonable depends on your circumstances and how you fit it in around the rest of your life... If I changed my morning runs for evening runs I'd, quite rightly be in deep trouble. And trust me, getting up at 6am is easier than that, no matter how tired you are ;-)
  • if I was married to a non-exerciser I'd really be in trouble! Luckily both of us are triathletes and do a lot of training both together and separately (Monday is the only day we don't usually train). However, we still make time to do other things like watch TV sometimes, or go out for dinner. The amount you do seems very reasonable, we do a lot more than that per week and both of us are roughly 10 years older than you. Like Vrap, I'm betting the real message is you're neglecting your wife shamefully, it isn't the amount of sports it's the lack of time you spend at home. Seems like Friday is the only time you have to share with her! I'd be p$$#ed off too.
  • Well. My ex used to work cr@p hours (we both did) so we couldnt spend much time together. But we did ok and spent quality time together (I hate that phrase but you know what I mean). However when he then took a job which meant him working away for long periods of time, which I didnt want him to take as we saw little of each other as it was, I made a life for myself with running and classes and other stuff. Before christmas he lost his job and realised how little time I was actually in the house and didnt like it. I pointed out that perhaps if he hadnt neglected me in the first place then I wouldnt have gone out and led an independent life to such an extent. Now I wont give up my activities and we live almost completely separate lives. When I come straight home after work he is usually going out and vice versa. The relationship is basically hanging by a thread because of his selfishness and my unwillingness to suddenly stop my life because he suddenly comes back home. He didnt care when he took the job in the first place and to me it was v selfish.

    Heed the warning and dont neglect your missus. Or perhaps she might just go out and lead her own life in which you will not be needed and have no part.
  • But no I dont think you're overdoing the exercise :-)
  • I agree, don't think you're over exercising. i'm a mother of 2, work full time and some how i manage to fit in 3 runs a week and 2/3 games of squash which i try to play at lunchtimes. My partner plays golf and not much else but knows how important sport is to me for my mental as well as my physical health.
    Is there any way she could join you for at least one of your activities? In the summer the children and partner cycle with me on my long runs.
    i do get pangs of guilt but it is a question of balance.
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