Public, Private. grammar or bog standard secondary?

Mine was Bedford Street, County Secondary for Boys (factory fodder -as they called us). Failed miserably coz had me Dad's brains -did not find mum's til mid 20's(probably would have nmade no difference)

only famous peop that went there apart from Blunstone the footballer -years ago


  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    grammar school for girls, John Howard, at Clapton to be precise.
    Lovely girls school!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Clapham College. Sounds sorta posh, but basically Comprehensive.

    Phil Babb (Rep of Ireland, Liverpool, Sunderland, Benfica, Coventry, Bradford, Millwall...) was in my class. Was considerably more rubbish as a pupil than as a footballer (despite being quite a clever chap, actually.)
  • Comprehensive - they had got rid of the grammar/secondary moderns round here before my time. Famous people I knew - none - my older brother used to play in the same school and Saturday team as Nigel Clough though - and if any of you remember the one hit wonder band White Town (thought not) he was a school mate of the same brother.
  • Bog-standard comprehensive. Then a bog-standard university and I'm now a bog-standard GP :o)
  • Secondary Modern in Huyton Merseyside; same one as Anthony Walker (black kid who was murdered with an ice axe)

    Had a thorough grounding in the 3 R's

    (Robbing, Rioting, Recidivist offending)

    Hated every minute apart from a wonderful 4 minutes with ***** ****** in the Art Cupboard
  • Millfield
  • I went to a bog-standard comp.
    Now I teach in one.

  • Comprehensive but was the old grammer school in the town(and a castle) so standards where still kept high and grammish(even in the 90's) when I was there.
    Castle was in a public park....very odd!
  • Girlie grammar for moi.
  • Woodford County High for me - wasted my time there as you do when you have chances in life.......... It was a very good school and think it still is now.
  • Batley Grammar School, Batley West Yorkshire. Loved it for five years still got crap grades. Famous People- Joseph Priestly discovered oxygen, Robert Palmer used to be addicted to love sadly not anymore!!

  • Public (Private) in Somerset.
    Loved it but all the studious work went down the pan when it went co-educational and there were some very interesting girlies on the scene.
    Only famous old boy I can think of: Tim Wilcox (Boyish looking BBC News 24 reader). He was in the year below me (and head of school, the girlie swat!!)
  • Kendrick Girls School in Reading

    As well as being one of the one of the highest-performing grammer schools in the country, former pupils included Jacqueline Bissett (many, many years before my time ;-)) and Kate Winslet, who joined when I was in 6th form.
  • state grammar (no comps in Slough). It was quite cr*p actually.

    In fact I'm the only person in my company who went to state school, but I got better grades than the lot of them (beams smugly)
  • Boarding school for me. same one as Rio went to in Redhill Surrey
  • all girls very strict Scotish boarding school

    and hated every minute of it :o(

    leaving was one of the best days of my life

    can't think of anyone famous that went there.
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