Snowdonia Marathon

Cannot wait! And they have even brought it one day forward so we don't have to wait so long! As a relative newcomer to this marathon, my third time round the mountain, this is the race I look forward to the most. A very special race!


  • Mmmmm, could be interesting, just consulting my that you don't even bother wearing a watch...

  • In all the excitement it appears that the 'day earlier' may not be as popular with some...Beachy Head and the infamous 'Triple' springs to mind.
  • sniffle

    same day as beachy
  • Hi PH, don't know why it's moved to the Saturday, do you?
  • No, i dont
    and i was going to do it this year as well

  • Good job I did the triple last year.

    It's a great course though.
  • I can only presume they have had to change the day due to organisational reasons.
  • snot fair
  • PH, you've gone from a sniffle to a sob to a snot in just over twenty minutes! That's getting serious!
  • Runners World entry shows £17 attached and £18 not attached. Online entry form via the website shows £20 attached and £21 not attached. A slight typing error perhaps?
  • no gary

    (snot rocket)

    on line entry costs more on RW i think
  • Sorry...not the online one, I meant the offical entry form that you can download from the Nat Trust Snowdonia website.
  • ooh, you mean RW is cheaper??????

    maybe its not up to date

  • Blimey, I've been waiting ages for this!

    Shame it's changed to Saturday as the Triple is not possible now, but I much prefer a Saturday race and I'm gonna do this one this year :-)
  • yep
    you can
  • Any temptation to do the triple again this year have thankfully been thwarted then! Will be a shame to miss this one having already entered Beachy Head though.
  • How hilly is this course, I'm a beginner but can run 11 miles in training.

    Could I be ready by October?

    This soulds like a challenging marathon debut to me.

  • I've just entered. I've been waiting for this to come up for ages. This will be my first Snowdonia Marathon. It will be great to run in my home country, I'm looking forward to it already.
  • I am still sulking;))
  • Awwww Hipps :-(

    Well I've just saved the 2007 entry form to the desktop. First step towards entering :-)
  • M62 steve
    i did this in 2005 as my first ever marathon. decided in june of that year to do it and was then half marathon fit. SO no reason why you cant if you put in the right training. you've awhile yet so don't peak too soon and get a good baseline in . you'll need to do hill work too.
    don't be put off, this is a great race. spectactular. i'm coming back for thirds (in a row). can't wait.
    prsonally think saturday is great. means can stay over after the race, not hurry back, and have a few welsh ales to ease the aching limbs!
  • I think Saturday is great too collie dave. I just love Saturday races.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Hiya folks!
    Interesting touch to change it from a sunday to a saturday, but even if it was on Xmas day this would still be my favourite race of the year! Words cant describe how much I love this race, for those doing it first time lucky you!
    The my leave for the weekend has been booked off since last october, and the entry will be posted this week. :-)
  • I liked it on Sunday because you got an hour longer in bed. I have done it four times and think it is a special marathon to do. To answere other questions, yes there are hills, but only three. Still lots of training time J.Mc
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Yes, but the hill at mile 22 is the mother of all hills. Why was there no coverage of this hill on last year's DVD?

    Last year was my first time of many, I hope, and will enter again as soon as the form is sorted.
    It's 2 or 3 years since I ran this race and am really looking forward to doing it again. (my 2nd favourite marathon)

    sorry you won't be there Hippo, you will be missing out - maybe next year.

    I'm pleased it's moved to Saturday as it's a bit of a drive for me and I can now drive home on the Sunday

    Triple fans will now have to do the June triple instead.
  • I agree with the sentiments about the hill at Waunfaur, it does apear to get longer and steeper each time I do it. Could be a training thing or maybe I'm just getting old
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