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  • my pb is 3.20 what time do you reckon i could be looking at on this one(pb was at Abingdon last year)no hills and weather good!!!!I keep telling myself dont worry about a time just enjoy the scenery,but that little devil keeps popping up telling me to go for under 3.45!!!!!!I have been in midwales this weekend and went around the lakes,greeted by halestones,rain,35mphwinds and sunshine!!!!!must be similar to Snowdonia my legs are going to have to do some work over the next few months,do you think 3.45 is realistic or am i just being a dolly day dream!!!!
  • taffyduck
    ive loads of friends who have done the Snowdonia and flat courses, some within a month of each other. All of them say it is about 15 mins slower than a flat(ish) course but that is very weather dependent! As a guide last year i did the Anglesey and Snowdonia, 5 weeks apart. Anglesey is not flat more undulating with one real hill. Although I did them both in the same time I reckon about 10mins between those courses. With a PB of 3:20, given the same fitness level I would say 3:45 is certainly on the cards but try for 3:35 and you may even crack 3:30!
  • Hi what do people think about running only 4 days a week and doing say circuit training or something in between. I did London this year and trained 6 days a week running and did 4 or 5 circuits at lunchtime. Not only did I manage to hurt my back and need physio for a while up to said marathon but also got crap time 4.15 mind you did struggle in the crowds which is one of the reasons I want to try another marathon that I may be able to run in. I,m grateful for any advice
  • Gladys - I'll be lucky to come in under 5 and half hours so I'm not sure 4.15 is that bad at all! Maybe you overdid it a bit on the runup to London? Circuit training and running 6 days a week to me sounds an awful lot with little in the way of recovery. I'm sure the others will have a better idea of what can be achieved though.

    I'm happy running one day on, one day off (3-4 times a week), swimming or pilates/weights the days inbetween. I can't do more than that as everything starts complaining when it doesn't get rested!
    NG - I believe that training should be specific and lots of folk run marathons very successfully on 3 to 4 runs a week
  • Hi Shades.
    have sent off entry today, will be first time so can you give me any idea of where you would train with this in mind? just so I can get an idea if Dawlish etc has enough hills to train on.
    many thanks,
    Hi TL - how are you?

    Lots of hills around Dawlish!!!

    I would suggest that you train as per normal for a marathon but do some of your long runs over hilly routes and a couple of hilly races too.
    What makes this race tough is that the worst hill is at 21 miles, so at a stage when most are tiring, so lots of long runs to build endurance.
  • I did all my training for Snowdonia (the first time) along canal towpaths and riverbanks!!! Not much hillwork!!

    UM, I am doing Snowdonia. Entry went off so long ago I've lost thechequbook withthe stub in so I won't be able to tell if its been cashed!!
  • Thanks Shades I guess I was hoping someone would say that to me I will try with less and concentrate like you say on more long slow runs although have always done plenty before a marathon anyway. I am relly looking forward to the run hope I get in and experience some of the tranquility that I get on my long slow runs. However I hope I can get round without the encouragement from the them.
  • Thanks Shades I guess I was hoping someone would say that to me I will try with less and concentrate like you say on more long slow runs although have always done plenty before a marathon anyway. I am really looking forward to the run hope I get in and experience some of the tranquility that I get on my long slow runs. However I hope I can get round without the encouragement from them.
    Gladys - plenty of tranquility at Snowdonia, the scenery is beautiful.
  • Hi all,

    Anybody got any tips on how to do hillwork on the treadmill? I live in the fens and need to do my hillwork indoors at the gym. i am aiming to do one treadmill hill session a week.
    Any advice would be greatly received.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Moggy, the treadies I have used often have a random profile built into them so you just input your desired time and press go! The programme should then take you through a set session of hills and recoveries. Id say that is as good as session that you'll get on a treadmill. For the less technically advanced ones maybe a couple of yellow pages stuffed under the front?!

    Collie Dave, hope you have recovered from white peak! I believe you finished a couple of mins behind me. I dod keep my eyes out for a bloke with a dog but never saw you. I suffered with an upset stomach from mile 15, and kinda never really recovered fully from it until sunday evening!
  • Aunty M, I also do straight treadie runs on a permanent incline - just quick start it and ramp it up a bit. Hurts like hell mind as there's no respite! :)
  • TooMuch/MP

    Cheers me dears. I will give those suggestions a try. I think with hills the maxim is "if it hurts, it works"!
    Moggy - Perhaps enter a few hilly races outside of your home area.

    My cheque has been cashed today.
  • Aunty

    If you throw up at the end, you've pushed it too far... :)
  • If anybody is interested the Travel lodge in Bangor is doing a deal for 39.99 per double room so have booked up!!!!Thought this was cheap.Im so excited about snowdonia but along way away yet and lots of work to do,like horrible hills to seek out!!!!!!:(
  • HI Shades,
    I'm fine, thanks,

    yes there are hill's in Dawlish just wasn't sure they were big enough!!
    hope you are running well
    might bump into you around n/a sometime.
    Which day are you driving up maybe car share if it ties in plus if I get a place.

    Really looking forward to a scenic run for a change.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Taffy, I stayed there last year and hope to do again. its in a excellent position smack bang on he A55, and only a short drive to the electric mountain. There is a cracking Brewsters next door that I could have sat drinking in all night! :)
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Sorry Mister Plod, but, by the sounds of it, I think you stayed in a Tavel Inn, which is next to a Brewers Fayre on Parc Menai, near Menai Bridge/Bangor (just off the A55).
    I think that the Travelodge, which td is referring to, is the Llandygai one(also just off the A55/A5, near Bangor) - I don't think it has a pub next door, though it does have a Little Chef, Burger King and a shop in the petrol station near by.

  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    If anyone fancies fitting in a hilly race when planning a Snowdonia recce in mid/late September, there is a hilly 12.5km race, which starts/finishes in the village where I live (Llnaddoged - in the hills up from the Conwy Valley). The 1st couple of miles are pretty much up hill and it is, in placeds, as steep as the Waunfawr climb (which, I'm sure, is the steepest climb in the marathon)
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Oops - should read Llanddoged (wee bit early in the morning!) - race takes place on Sunday 16 September.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I stand corrected then!
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Morning MP,
    Have you arranged accomodation yet?
  • Shades do you have marathon programme that you follow or one I could follow for just running say 4 times a week including long slow run or do you just do your own thing I would like to get sub 4 hour if possible? Can you advise thanks
  • Hi John Bach, thanks for the info on the Llanddoged climb that may put me off doing it ha ha, not really. Did you do the Rhyl 5k last Weds eve or watch the football i just about managed both!
    TL - I'm fine thanks but not back to full fitness after injury (hamstring) but I'm back racing again.

    Haven't sorted out my travel logistics yet, I will drive up Friday pm and will either
    a) drive home straight after the race
    b) pop over to Dublin for the marathon there on the Monday
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Nothing booked as of yet John, will probably try the travel inn again
  • Collie Dave - how did the taper feel for White Peak ?

    Aunt M - I used to enjoy a pyramid session on the treaddy, get's gradually steeper and steeper for the first half then comes back down again.

    (milestone - passed half marathon distance for first time - 14 miles and could still walk the next day...)
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