Snowdonia Marathon



  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Hi dp,
    Hope you had a good run in the Rhyl 5km. My "racing" this years is just the village race - plus Snowdonia. If all goes well in these two this year, hope to do the Nick Beer Llandudno 10k race next year.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Looks like il be seein you at Leicester Shades, been loking for an abingdon replacement for a while and this looks just about right!!
  • Thanks John B, run was good thanks injured leg held up ok which was a big relief! Think I was 18th in about 18:17 ish happy with that, results not out yet though! Good luck with the training and the village and Snowdonia races, hopefully see you in both!
    Mister Plod - see you at Leicester then, should warm us up nicely for Snowdonia
  • Shades,
    dont know how you do it and i thought i was mad!!
    TL - what other marathons are you doing then?
  • Hi everyone just got back from edinburgh marathon. Jobs a good'un, i managed 2:57:47, i can now focus on this one (after a short rest), with GFA in the bag for London, Yipee :-)

    dpryce - ahh wrexham, what a race, i am sure someone spiked my drink at 9 miles, i was like a man possessed. excuse my ranting and raving, i hope didn't put you off, i am a bit of a screamer at the end of races, so everyone be warned.
  • carrot top
    well done on the sub 3hrs excellent result! Oh and the ranting and raving was most uplifting so i tried to stay with you for a bit but you just burned me off ha ha
  • does anybody have a contact e-mail/number for the organisers? i can't work out if me cheque has been cashed and want to sort accommodation ... not a subscriber so can't see the front page on here. Ta muchly
  • b-oing, try the below...

    Enquires to: Jayne Lloyd
  • thanks RGR ... i'm in!!! v happy if not a bit daunted, just got to book somewhere to stay now, above recommendations noted.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Good news boing, id have been exTremely surprised if having entered this early You had lost out!

    Im in for the travel inn again in Bangor. Slightly more expensive than the travelodge, but my experience of lodges is not good! also the travel inn has the pub next door which is very handy for a good hearty meal after a long drive
  • yes MP getting very excited already, my first race out of my locality which means we actually get something that resembles a holiday for the first time in nine years.

    managed to get a room in llanberis as OH is planning on walking up snowdon whilst i run round it and he wants to make an early start. pretty reasonable with what looks like a good breakfast and offer of a free flask fill, although i don't think i'll be needing that. must calm down it is six months away
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I dont blame you for being excted, this is really my favourite event every year. A really nice end of year treat! Why havent you talked your fella in entering too?! o r is he building up to 2008....
  • OH is more of sprinter, 10k absolute max before he explodes. now must start doing more hills, usually whimp out and run along the canal instead, want to do the DD next year so see this one as a good practice run and gauge to training for 2008.
  • Shades,
    Did the desert again in March, but not doing a marathon until Snowdonia how you can do so many I am totally in awe of!!
    just need to book in somewhere too so taking in all the suggestions above.
    if you are doing the D.D have a good run.
  • Just found this thread, booked for Snowdonia, doing the Langdale as well and then eating cake till christmas as a reward!
  • Hi all, hope you don't mind me joining in.

    I've entered this one to get over a bad London, I was going for 2:45 but blew up in the heat at about the 20 mile mark.
    Ended up collapsing at the finish line and being carried over!

    Was on the news and the high lights ( wasn't a highlight for me! )

    This seems like a race where the time is not so important and i can just enjoy the run.

    this will be my 3rd marathon, the last 2 were FLM's.

    I've been following this link and i was going to travel up on the morning, but looking at the price of the hotels it seems practical to travel the day before.

    Is there anyone in the Birmingham area who would like to share a lift and/or accommodation?

    I run for west bromwich harriers and its a small club so can't get much interest going for this one.

    looking forward to this race and putting London behind me :0)
  • 2.45!! I would really blow up, looks like I'm coming in last at Snowdonia....think of the cake, think of the cake,,,
  • Frog Hopper: Sorry, but I have reserved last palce for myself. The last time I ran this my time was 5hours 40.....think of the menu in Pete's Eats.....
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Hello everyone.

    I'll be up for this. Did it last year for first time and really enjoyed it. Couldn't be more different to FLM. This race was won in 2:39 last year, Karl, and I think you would be hard put to it to beat Team Wharmsley.

    I expect I'll be camping again.
  • Hi T-Rex,

    Catch up with you at this one also :)

    Hope you are running well, haven't bumped into you so far this year yet.

    Mind you, i've only done 3 maras so far in 2007 :)

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Ant - I seem to be doing more ultras than marathons these days. Did Neolithic mara - that's a great one.
  • I thought about camping T-rex,what was the weather like last year? Don't know if i could face putting a tent down after running a mara!

    Not going to go for a time but should finish around the 3 hr mark.

    Full English at pete,s eats sounds good.

    Whats team whamrsley?
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Hi Karl
    I hope you've fully recovered from FLM - that sounds a nasty experience.
    I'm training to go close to the 3hr mark, but it will be my 1st marathon and target may bee a wee bit optimistic - 3hrs would have given a top 10 finish last year (when weather conditions were very favourable).
  • Aunty Moggy, what time are you aiming for this time?
  • Too Much; I would still be happy to get in around in 5hrs 40, I think aiming for a time might spoil things for me. Having said that to come in sub 5hours 30 would be a massive personal achievement.It might be possible as I will be taking a few trips up to Snowdonia before the mara, so my hill fitness should be better than two years ago.

    What are you aiming for? Are we looking at an epic battle for last place between you, Froghopper and myself? :-)

    Think full veggie English at Pete's followed by crumble and custard. Oh yes, bring it on......
  • Karl/T Rex: Pete's has single bunks to rent in the flat above the cafe. I think it costs £13 for a single bunk, or you can do a group rental of the whole flat (sleeps 12). They also now have two flats in the Bistro opposite which i understand are also quite cheap.
    I think you would need to book reasonably soon, before the climbers bag everything!

    The weather in 2005 would have destroyed any tent that wasn't designed for a night on the N face of something very tall and exposed! Very high winds, hail and horizontal rain!

    I am staying at thhe YHA at Pen y Pass where I stayed last time. Cheap and has a bar.
  • Karl, Dennis Walmsley who's a consistent winner at Snowdonia. And one of teh GB 100km team.
    I heard from te organisors that they have my entry and will do their best to give me # 100.
    TL - am just marshalling at DD, 6 months off with injury has left me woefully unprepared for the hills.
    But I'm off to Ireland on Sunday, have Cork marathon on Monday.
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