Snowdonia Marathon



  • Hi Shades - shall most likely see you at this one this year. What does the June triple comprise of? - passing interest of course :-)
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I totally agree with you on that one fellrunner.
    Ive made sure that over the last 4 years of running this my 8m downhill has got slower. A friend did this last year with me and sped off into the distance on the long downhill. I however was able to breeze past him at 18m finising nearly quarter of an hour faster than him by the finish.

    Anyway, you cant go too fast down the hills as there's lots of sight seeing to do!
    Hi UM - The June triple is Dartmoor Discovery, Blackpool marathon and Cork marathon.
    I'm not doing the triple just DD & Cork.
  • Thanks Shades. All the best.
  • Blimey Shades, I've only just digested that...Dartmoor Discovery part of the June triple, pheeewwww! Fair play to you for doing DD and Cork :-)...

    sorry, back to Snowdonia now :-)
    UM - I did (briefly) look into the logistics of doing Blackpool too but from Devon it was too difficult.

    I would do Dublin after Snowdonia but I don't have any holiday left so won't be able to do that.
  • This is so hard for me

    i LOVE beachy

    maybe i will never get to do Snowdon
    that will be your loss Hippo, Snowdonia is a wonderful marathon and it's worth going to Llanberis just to visit Pete's Eats for grub
  • Pete's Eats is the best cafe in the world.
    This was my first ever mara when I did it two years ago. A tough one for a beginner, but very friendly and remains the best race I have ever done and one of the best experiences of my life
    Printing of my entry form now. Bring it on!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Hello Moggy! Nice to see that your form is completed, I remember seeing you in the bar at the YHA the night before the 2005 run. I think you were the sensible one that was not drinking.....

  • I remember you to. You should have seen me in the bar after the race! I needed a lot of malt to dull the pain of the stairs up to my room. Just sent of my form and typing this as I sip tea from my Pete's Eats Souvenir Mug. On the side of my mug it says "Because it's there", words of wisdom indeed.
    Hope all is well with you.
    P.S Anybody else from Pen-y-Pas 2005 on this forum?
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I dont remember if you can remember the bloke who was sat with his girlfriend in the bar or not? He was the one wearing the Ron Hills with the bottle of red wine! He DID finish the bottle, and he DID break 3.30 the following morning.

    Makes you sick doesnt it!

    That might have to be included in my taper for this years event.
  • Been away for a week working in Cumbria, unfortunately no runs to be had at all...good to see some regular names on the forum...rooms booked in a hotel in Llanberis.
  • MP: Yes, they were great, Natalie and ? (can't remember !) . They came from Ely, which is fairly near to me.
    red wine is going to be my secret training tool!

    Natalie and Sorry-I-Can't -remember-Your --Name, I hope you are out there in the ether on this thread!
  • Fellrunner - not quite a cave...I was working long night shifts so run time just wasn't possible and, to be honest, I wasn't expecting to get any runs in. The scenery was amazing even though I didn't see much of it.
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Snowdonia is my local marathon and after taking up running again about 18 months ago will be my first marathon.
  • Hipps - please do it.. I'm sure all us idiot first timers need all the shoving along we can get.. :)
  • Just spoken to Elfyn (Nat Trust) regarding the different entry prices. The entry price shown on the Runners World Race Profile is incorrect and is to be updated.

    The entry fee is £20 (affiliated) and £21 (unaffiliated) as per the downloadable entry form.
  • Snowdonia was my first marathon last year and the aim was to complete it. I shuffled in at 5H42mins, with a few more behind me, and i managed to get some tea (but only the broken biscuits were left). A great experience - but wise words from Fellrunner and Mister Plod, pace yourself on the downhills and flats.
  • This was my first marathon ever last year and it was such a beautiful experiance that I will be back again this year.

    I did hill work in training which was essential and I paced myself even on the downhill sections but when you are trying to run up the last big hill and the person next to you is walking at the same pace I found it best to walk. I still managed it in 4 hours 9 minutes which I am very proud of.

    The Saturday is good for me as my kids half term is the next week and will be going over to Ireland for the week. And "No" I am not tempted by Dublin. The €60 entry fee is enough to put me off.
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Entry finally went in the post today. Can't wait!

  • Flatters - this was my 1st marathon 3 years ago too. Nothing like starting with a toughie eh? But the views do take your mind off the pain (almost!) Haven't done it since but not doing the OMM this year so I think it's time...
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Will be my 1st one, though being a "local" I do a lot of my training in the hills and enjoy running up them (more so than running down them, strange as it may sound!). I take the views for granted so not sure what will take my mind off the pain!

  • Last year's Snowdonia was my first marathon and I staggered up the last hill (the 10' one in Llanberis!!) - not to mention the quite big one before it. Not doing any marathon training didn't help so this year I'm starting earlier! Hoping to get round at least half an hour quicker this year and hopefully under 3:30.

  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    I have started putting in the miles over the last few months, all with Snowdonia in mind - will only be my 2nd race in 2007 (the other one starts/finishes in the village we live). Have done a couple of training runs which include the Llanberis Pass. If training carries on as at present I'm really hoping I can get close to 3hours. A long time to go though!
  • Snowdonia was my second marathon a few years ago (1995) and I've done 7 of them so far, haven't run it for a few years. This years should be my 100th marathon (well, not quite- there are some ultras on that list too) so it'll be nice to be back again.
    3 hours would be a good time at Snowdonia John, good luck. I used to be a student at Bangor and cycled round the area a lot before I was a runner.
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Thanks UH - didn't get many good luck messages from Bangor students when I was a student at Aberystwyth (1988-91)! I had contemplated doing Anglesey as my 1st marathon, but Snowdonia is my "local" one and I really enjoy running up hills - view may change when going up the Waunfawr climb on race day!
  • Do you get a medal for finishing it?
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