Snowdonia Marathon



  • dp - photo's on your website look lovely anyway :)
  • Thanks Wharfedale, been we have owned Henfaes now for over 30 years nearly finished it too ha ha. Criccieth is lovely too...

    Shades i didnt do it on purpose honest!! It will just have been a long season by then and I also work in a cancer research centre in Bangor so I sqeeze all the training I need into that week before the race ha ha if only that were possible!

    To anyone looking for accomodation, you should consider staying in Criccieth its a lovely place. Plus its only about 30mins drive to the start :)
  • What's the website? Haven't told them yet but going to stay with the other halve's family on Anglesey for this one. They're coming to support me whether they like it or not. :)
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    For families I would recommend the Travelodge at the services off the A55/A5 turning for Bangor/Bethesda - about 10miles from Llanberis.
    (handy access for Anglesey Toomuchtoodo - just carry on along the A55 and over the bridge)
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    John, I stayed at that travel lodge last year. It was ideally placed in the A55 with a big pub on site. The only downside was that eventhough I opted for a non-smoking room their ventilation system was clearly on the blink so we were treated to a lovely smokey aroma overnight. lovely. other than that id probably opt to stay there again!
  • Hi all,

    Well according to this mornings bank statement i am in. I did the race in 2005 and had one of the best days of my life ( for me a much better experience than london).
    I am going up to Snowdonia for a long weekend in May to get some training in. I am planning to do sections of the course , but I would also like to do some off road/trail running. Has anyone any suggestions?
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Mister Plod
    In Wales it is now law that all public places are "smoke free" zones - the smokey aroma should therefore be a thing of the past!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Hurrah! Nice to see your in Moggy :)
  • Cheers MP :-).

    I am really pleased to be 'in'. Hadn't heard and kinda assumed I would have got in but it was very good to have confirmation.

    I reckon I will stay at Pen y Pass YHA again. I liked the bar!

    Started training for hills this week. Not an easy task when home is in the middle of the Fens. How is your training going?
  • aunt moggy - try running up the mountain and back down. there is the other snowdon race but not sure when it is.

    mr plod- evening all. fancy seeing you here too.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I get about a bit Dave!

    Moggy, the training is a bit sporadic as always! Some weeks im looking at 35-45m, and others I do about 3!
  • Collie,

    if you mean running up Snowdon and back down again, I think that is a little beyond me! I think the Snowdon fell race is in July. Any suggestions for something a little less demanding?

    Lovely dog.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Well moggy, the belper 30k in Sept is looking promising?> on off road 18miler 4 weeks before snowdon whould set you up a treat! eh dave!
  • I did Belper last year Mister Plod. A really nice run, well recommended.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    cool! count me in then! what kinda time can we expect? much more than an 18miler on the road?
  • I did 2 hrs 45 mins for the Belper 30K last September. My best 20 mile road race last year was Stafford in March in a time of 2 hrs 29 mins. I might have been fitter for Stafford than Belper, but I'm never totally unfit, so I'd ony expect my Belper time to be 5 mins slower (than if I'd been fitter). Hope you get my drift Mr P and hope that's helpful. As I say, Belper's a nice event, the course is run on really nice trails, and although there are some hilly bits, they're all runnable.
  • Sounds good, but excuse my ignorance, where is Belper?
    (I live in Norfolk, we don't get out much round these parts!)
  • am - belper's in derbyshire. stark contrast to norfolk. around belper you struggle to find flat bits!

    mp- i think i did it in 3.20 with my dog a lead which means essentially running one handed. last year my best half was 1.40 and my mara 4.07 with snowdon at 4.29 to put some perspective (or too much detail)on it!
  • Belper does sound good, not too far for me. I am very slow (Snowdonia mara 5.40 best half 2.20). I will need to check out if there is a cut of time.

    Cd- Is Charlie doing it woth you again this year?

    MP- Is your erratic mileage work related? Ther joys of shifts! On which note, night all.
  • am - i'm hoping he will. been a bit lame recently after his runs so have cut down his mileage but fingers crossed he'll be back!

    worth checking the website as its got last years results on it. really friendly race. glorious scenery.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    as soon as the entrance fee that I pay for Abingdon gets refunded then il enter belper.

    Yes Moggy, cos of work my milage is very erratic. although today for the first time in ages I have the day to myself, and the last thing i feel like doing is going for a run! I know i should make the most of it and do a half decent 12-15m effort, maybe il feel a bit more motivated when the sun comes out a little later. or maybe il just put my feet up with a cup of coffee and a chocolate hob nob! its difficult with shifts cos I know that from tomorrow i have got 4 hard days coming up so half of me thinks i should make the most of the time to chill out a bit and catch up.
    I wonder what it will be.... run or hob nobs!
  • mp - run. then double hob nobs.
  • Aunty Moggy - let me know if you find out if there is a cut off time - I quite fancy doing this, but got to be realistic as my half time is 2.30! Well I'm only 5ft with little legs, so you can't expect much!
  • Too much- Hey, you are my kind of runner. I can't actual find the event listed on this site? Or am I being dumb? When I do track it down I will let you know about cut of times. If we are both doing it i will race you to last place! :-)

    mp- Collie is right. Run then chocolate shaped reward. I find the exercise helps me get through the shifts.
  • am - just type in 'belper' in the event search and it'll appear 'belper rugby rover' then off you go....
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Anyone who fancies doing some hill training/race running in advance of the Snodonia Marathon, there is a great 12.5km hill race which starts/finishes in the village where I live (Llanddoged). I remember reading one reviewer of the race who said that it was the hardest start to any race he/she had done (and he/she had done Snowdonia before) - there is about a 600ft climb in the first mile or so
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Sounds good john! is the event listed on here? or is it a litttle local club one? thats a lot of climbing in a mile! Certainly a lot more than I come up against around here!

    Managed to 10m hilly (ish!) off road run yesterday. Its footy day today, so another busy day ahead!!
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Morning MP (boy, you were up early this morning!)

    Type in Ras Fawr Llanddoged in the RW events search facility to get the details. It's a local event, which is staged by the village, though it is pretty well supported by the local clubs - about 70 runners last year I think. Winner did it, I seem to recall, in 48mins last year. I ran it last year after a "challenge" from my then 2year old daughter when we were helping out in the previous years event - she asked if I could run it - I did after taking up running again and really surprised myself by coming 7th in just under 52mins.
  • LOL - Moggy - I'll take you up on that one.. :)
  • Ok if I join in?

    Just sent my cheque, booked a travelodge in Bangor for the Friday night. Only £26!

    Ran this for the first time last year. Glorious sunshine and scenery that was so beautiful I thought I had reached heaven!

    Can't remember my time, INXS of five hours. But did not give a jot. Going to train properly this year and try and get under 4.30. My pb is 3.58 but I dont think that will be under threat here!
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