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  • yes about 5:55 or something like that Mr Plod it felt great until me legs fell off ha ha.

    Good idea on the doggie bowls too as if they lay them on the ground when I'm really suffering they will be at a good height for me too!
  • mp - who's fittest? no contest! here's a clue. he's got four legs! nice idea about the stations! the guy doing the bacon baps at the end was espec kind and gave him 2 for nothing. so i said to charlie - one for you, one for me!
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Hope injury soon clears and that you remain injury free leading up to Anglesey and Snowdonia.
  • Diolch John. Its so boring not being able to run! Anyhow better injured now than closer to the races or so i keep telling myself! Hope your training is going well storm up those hills mate :)
  • CD - thanks for the info, did a hilly 10k at the weekend (Kirkbymoorside in north Yorkshire) and got a PB so I think the hill training is already starting to pay off !
  • Hi all,
    has anyone had any info through about this, ie race numbers or confirmation of being accepted?
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Ian, the cheque has been cashed but thats the only confirmation of my entry having been accepted.
  • me too. they've taken the money but hopefully not run (no pun intended)
  • Ah! Will check the bank account! Cheers
  • hi i sent cheque and entry form 4 weeks ago and they still havent cashed cheque?I got in touch with the guys who organised it last year but they are not actually doing it this year and couldnt give me a contact number but they did give me an email address that doesnt appear to be correct!!!!Im getting worried now as i hope my cheque and entry hasnt got lost in post.can anybody give me any contact details ,cheers peeps.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Other than the details on the entry form taffy I dont know how else to contact them. If the name and address given are the personal details of the organiser could be worth trying 118118?
  • Hi Taffyduck

    I had an email with an incorrect phone number and email address a while back too. I sorted it out but no longer have the email for details.

    Try this: go to then click on 2007 calendar down the home page. Scroll to 27th October and there is a name and number for more details on the marathon. Failing that you could click on 'committee' at the bottom of the page and pick a name to ask if they can help!

    Good luck.

  • Hi thanks a lot for your help, i have just spoken to the orgonisers hubby and he explained that they are just in the process of opening a new bank account because of this they havent been able to cash cheque,apparently waiting for new paying in book,so looks like im in although wont be convinced until i have cheque cashed or some sort of confirmation!! I only had my refund from Abingdon this week so fingers crossed that its all sorted .cheers OBL and MP
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Ive just had my Abingdon refund too, absolutely gutted! Been trying to find something 'different' to do in its place, maybe some soft of extreme event or a a decent ultra.
    Anyone got any ideas? Im thinking Aug, Sept or early Oct.......
  • my cheque was cashed today so thats it im in :) mr p cant believe you were going to do abingdon before snowdonia ,how many marathons do you do in a week!!!!!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Taffy, im not half as mad as some you might meet! I do usually 5 of 6 marathons during the year. I have always dont snowdon and abingdon though, so it was just luck (or bad luck!) that they were only a week apart. I dont usually do them with that short a gap in between! Got white peak next saturday which will be my first marathon of the year. got a stag week end to cope with this weekend first though :). Is this one going to be your first taffy? I loose track
  • no mr plod this will be my 10th but im so nervous about this one too many hills!!!! and weather can be iffy but i will be so proud of myself when i have done it as its not the easiest.Have a great stag weekend:)
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    its not mine by the way!
  • quick question: i usually run in mizuno wave creation will these be ok for snowdonia or do I need something with grip? not sure of the terrain, is it road all the way?
  • b-oing, use road shoes. it's starts for 200m in a field and there's about 1-2 off road at the end, which wehen pissing down can be a bit tricky in road shoes, but otherwise i think your mizuno's will be fine
  • Finally checked with the bank and my cheque has been cashed too. Good timing with Abingdon refund arriving.

    B-oing, thanks for asking the question re shoes, I had just assumed it was road all the way !
  • Can I ask a question regarding training?

    Do any of you veterans of this marathon prepare in any specific way for Snowdonia?

    Having run it last year, I realise there are some steep climbs and some steep descents.

    I usually train for marathons which are flat and therefore I train on the flat, well, as flat as I can get it in the S Wales valleys!!

    Do you do extra hill work? Long runs with loads of hills? Any speed work?

    Just be interested.....
  • thanks CD from both me and my bank balance!

    TRD : i'm doing extra hills and doing all my tready work on an incline, doing a couple of hilly races before hand to test it out ... slow and steady methinks
  • t r d - i do lots of kenyan hill sessions, threshold runs and now added in speed sessions at the track.
    key difference for you would be specific hill reps like kenyan hills.
  • Scuse the ignorance, but what on earth is a kenyan hill session?

    I've finally got going again - been laid up for two weeks! :(
  • i really hate speed work so only do the minium session(when i feel like it) do you think i should concentrate on hill work or increase my speed sessions as i have only done fairly flat marathons so have got away with all the speedwork,but have concentrated on putting the miles in which has suited me but i have never done anything like this before and need some advice please,im beginning to poo my pants over this marathon !!!!!!!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    TooMuch.... Kenyan Hills would be a hill circuit of, say, 800m where you surge on the uphill and stride out on the down part, thus maintaining an even speed for maybe 10 loops, or a set time - 30 minutes. The slope up and down should not be too steep.
    They are tough if done properly in my experience! Glad to hear that you back up and running again! :)

    Glad to see that people are starting to get confirmation of entries. Just the training to cope with now!

    Taffy, please dont pooo your pants!!! I really dont change my training for Snowdon at all. I like you just TRY to ensure that I have a good base milage, and then throw in the odd tempo/speed or hilly run.

  • Ooo Mister Plod - I've got a hill in mind for that, Actually its a hump over the M62 motorway so its a good hill either side of it. I'll keep you posted. :)

    Taffy - is this your first marathon too?
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Sounds very scenic!
  • LOL its actually quite pretty countryside - it just goes over the M62 :o)

    Still beats the treadmill anyday!
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