Shoes New Models Phase out old?

Am on a shoe replacement mission and realised I might be missing the plot here. Want to get another pair exactly the same as last pair Asics 2110 but no UK websites I have trawled yet have a Ladies size 9. Is this because the 2110 is being discontinued? If so, is it's 'new' version the 2120? How do these model numbers work....? Trying to follow RW shoe surveys but am still feeling baffled.


  • The 2120 is the updated version of the 2110. are selling them for £58 but it might be worth while going to your local running shop and trying them on first to make sure you like them.
  • Thanks, luv his prices - will try on somewhere else and then pay 'joe' a visit! (even if the shoes are pink!) - ironically enough he is closer to me than most 'real' running shops, wonder if he lets you try them on in his storeroom ;-)
  • I'm sure there is a joke in there somewhere
  • Theres defiantley a joke in there somewhere !!!

    I have 2 pairs of 2120 on order got them for £90 for 2 pairs, 2110 nearly worn out now, a few people on another thread have been disapointed with the new model,, but I will wait and see, fingers crossed.
  • that should be DEFINATLEY ( but guess you knew that )
  • actually, it should be definitely ;-)
  • ha ! cheers
  • I have 6 brand new pairs in Size 8 of the 2110's my feet have grown and gait changed!!!
    if anyone is interested email me
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • 6???? I thought I had a shoe fettish but I only have 2 pairs.
  • Ah but I loved these shoes and as they stopped making them decided to stock up on them!!
    They suit my achilles
    i do have around 5 pairs on the go which will have to be given away to Sis as my feet has grown!!

    I do love shoes;-))
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • snap Orang Utan - I would love a new pair asics 1080(!!) best shoes i ever had but not made anymore as far as i can make out
    have got the 2110 but same size is BIGGER feels ok to run in - mightjust need getting used to a change??? change is as good as a rest- if i repeat it enough it will be......................the £s aren't easy to get at the mo but the motivation is !! shame shoes change so often...but...also good as new technology is fab...aha to be able to try them all-my dream job..any companies need a willing guinea pig?!?!!?.................
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