Hoose is out of here.

I am out of here because no matter what I say, in the eyes of some, I'll be "bad" -even through stuff "I don't say" I get condemned. I have just stopped smoking and do not with to jeopardise that, I will do well on my runs. I may come back but you will not know who as and when,

But the name Hoose-Goer will go and is associated with bad stuff by some of you lot. Stu as a person, a human being, a counsellor and actually very caring and warm person has been lost through hoose(if you get me)

If I carry on as hoose I will get more flack, probably get down and give up my running. I cannot do right for wrong in the eyes of some, sadly.

I feel very hurt at having to do this. I will speak to you again but not as hoose and at a time of my chosing.

to those who have actually been genuinely supportive -thanks so much and good luck

for those who have not, good luck

I will find it hard to resist answering here but I will try not to.



  • Don't do it Hoose!
  • F*ck sake Hoose!

    Every so often you throw a right huff for no reason. Get a grip man.

    You will probably never meet your dissenters so what difference does their opinions make? None...
  • Ok cheeriebye Hoose.

    All the best.
  • There’s so much I’d like to say I don’t know where to begin. I have avoided saying anything directly to you since I don’t think it will help anyone but...

    You have posted other threads and posts criticising the AD thread – leave them alone it’s their thread and helps them. You have numerous threads all focused on you – why undermine theirs?

    Have you stopped to consider the effect your behaviour has had on a new poster who expressed tentative comments? It would have frightened me off, being such a focus of attention – they may not be seeking it.

    I am professionally qualified and can place many letters after my name –so what? Well only a very few people on this forum know what I do – the reason is, that I come on here to play and occasionally (often!)wash my dirty linen. I do not wish to misrepresent my profession nor give advice in an inappropriate setting. We all know that the forum is an ideal place to misrepresent yourself to others. The first thing I do in my job is gather as many facts as possible before spouting my conclusions. You cannot do that on the forum and therefore I would hesitate to suggest that counselling ‘online’ is a good thing. A qualified counsellor would agree?

    You repeatedly inform people of your counselling abilities/qualifications etc – I’m not sure that my professional body would approve if I quoted them online and posted as you have – in fact I would expect them to take great issues with that member. Professional accountability can only take place against a member though.

    Posting as the ‘victim’ encourages other forumites who feel the same emotions whether it be sad, struggling, lonely, bullied etc to align themselves with you but it also removes you of any responsibility for your own actions. I think that your initial remark on its own is a relatively innocuous opinion BUT not to those who know how you have posted in the past and this is why it received such a response.

    I sincerely wish you well as you are struggling obviously with many issues. As you have pointed out about the AD thread – maybe sometimes repeatedly posting is just feeding that struggle – is this something you should consider in light of your own repeated posts on similar topics.

    I do wish you well.
  • Bog off then hoose, see you soon big man:-)
  • That was rather well said Mrs Pig.
  • Thank you MP, expressed with great articulateness and decency .
  • Hoose is dead. Long live Hoose!

    See you back here soon, big guy.

    One word for you: punchbag!!

  • God I'm sick of all this!!!
  • I know what you mean, had a mate who was into AmDram and it used to get like this now and again - Give me Coops crappy jokes and thieving dog ate my mushrooms any day of the week, - Smile Man (as Neil from the young ones would say)
  • Morning GD - I am deffo out of the loop on this one!
  • JB do you know what the AD thread is?
  • Neither do I
  • Hasta la vista baby
  • I know what the AD thread is but dunno what's goin on.

    Morning Corinth.

    I'm just off to the gym so doubtless all will be klaar when I get back - possibly.
  • so what is it JB
  • I think its the running on anti-depressants thread.

    Morning GR.
  • Where is that thread?

    Any chance of a link from some kind person?

    {too lazy to look}
  • Hoosie I would be really sad if you left the forum. I enjoy your wit and wordplay, and from "chatting" to you on various threads I feel I've got to know you a bit; I see a kind and caring person. I don't always agree with you, but that's part of the richness of human relationships, isn't it?

    The strong reaction to your post is partly because those of us who frequent the blue room are by definition a bit vulnerable, and may have taken the "addiction" remark personally. There are also, as you know, people on this forum who just don't like "Hoose" for reasons of their own, and will have a go at you.

    I think you are a bigger person than to let a few people get to you, to the point where they drive you away from a forum where you have friends. I know that giving up smoking is a very stressful experience, and perhaps the stress is causing you to react more strongly than you would otherwise. Don't let it get to you, continue to play with your friends and let the critics do their own thing.
  • Top of the morning JB
  • slo - I wouldn't worry too much. He'll be back. Every so often Hoose throws a wobbly and goes off in a strop.

    No point being paranoid Hoose, doesn't stop them talking about you behind your back.... :¬)
  • surely www.runnersworld.co.uk is the wrong place for this guy...he should try www.desperatelywantingattention.co.uk
  • Hello,

    Ooooooooh, I have just looked at this thread, dunno whats going on here?! Anyone fill me in?

  • Well, basically someone called someone else a poo-poo head. So they retorted with 'Well at least I don't look like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle.' To which person one started crying, but this only encouraged Person number 2, who then said, 'Your missus must batter you senseless evry morning with the ugly stick!' At which point Person 1 said they'd had enough of this cruel world and destroyed their pet gerbils in a fit of rage and posted them to Person 2. Now, Person 2 wasn't overly impressed with this so they ran round telling everyone that person 1 was a fudge packing, pillow biting, turd burglaring, nancy boy, who would suck another mans willy for 50p! Needless to say, Person 1 was totally devasted that they had been 'outed' in such an appalling manner and threatened to take an overdose of cod liver oil tablets. Suddenly a whole load of other people got involved, some goading Person 1 to dare take more than six cod liver oil pills without their mouth smelling like a slappers fanny. Others sided with Person 1 stating that Person 2 was nothing but a FLUB, (Fat Lazy Useless Bastard), who should stop munching pies and get off their lardy arse and find a life. Person 2 got really anti at that comment and started crying saying that it wasn't their fault they were fat, it was their genes, and then proceeded to munch on a king-size mars bar, whilst pondering what to do with their gym membership they hadn't used for ages, even though they were paying £80 a month for it. Sensing that Person 2 was on their knees with self loathing, someone else jumped in and called them a retarded, turd munching fuckwit. Unfortunately, that sent Person 2 off in a right rage and they threatened to do their wrists with a tube of 'Veet' hair remover cos they weren't allowed to touch razors.

    And then Hoose buggered off in the huff...
  • You're joking, right??!!
  • No Bulldog P!"ss taking GR
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