Leeds Half Marathon

So who up for this then?

Did the Great North West Half Marathon in blackpool yesterday in 1.41 but that was very flat and traffic free - if i get anyway near i will be well chuffed.

doing this race in prep for the Edinburgh marathon on 27/5


  • Hi Simon
    Great minds think alike! - also did the Blackpool Half on Sunday, and doing Leeds also in prep for Edinburgh Marathon!
    Enjoyed Blackpool, especially as weather a bit kinder this year.
    It will be my first Leeds half so looking forward to that one, nice to do an event thats local rather than having to travel!
    Also first time at Edinburgh, although some friends have done this one a couple of years ago and enjoyed it.
  • Simon and plodding girl - I've got the same plan. I did 1:47:47 on Sunday, which was a PB. I'm not expecting Leeds to be anywhere close to that. I've never done it before as a race, although I've run the route in training.
  • That should have said I'm also doing Edinburgh.
  • hello YP1 and plodding girl,

    pg what time did you get round blackpool in

    Edinburgh route has been changed this year which im pleased about as a mate did it last year and said it was a real killer,, hopefully the lower route should be less of a 'killer' though i dont expect it to be easy - hence the halfs in prep

    im signed up for the Silverstone half & Liverpool 1/2 in March.

    when i finished blackpool i did think to myself - phew glad thats over - didnt fancy doing it all over again!!

    more training req

    hows everybody else training going - im currently doing 4 10 miles a week incorporating hills in them.

  • Hello....

    Just registered to run this race , twill be my first ever !
  • t'was my first ever last year

    I will be back this year!

    <waves at YP1 - you had a cracking race at Blackpool chuck!>
  • Hello nsc! Yes, I was really pleased with that - I didn't think I'd beat my Brass Monkey time for a while yet, then ended up taking nearly 2 minutes off it. I definitely won't be beating it at Leeds unless miracles happen to get me up Stonegate Road at a decent pace...
  • Would like to do it but am still trying to get fit. Not sure if I've got enough time.
  • depends whether you just want to get round or do a good time Huge?

    if you don't you can be support crew!

    YP1, the only way I got a pb at leeds was cos it was my first! should have been at blackpool but got hit by the lurgy, not run for over a week and now getting twitchy!
  • Would like to get round in one piece, nsc, and not embarrass myself.
    Support crew good option though.
  • 10 weeks to train?
    but see you in the pub after whatever you decide :O)
  • Oh alright Ill do this instead of the Ripon ten mile I was eyeing up instead. Wouldnt want to miss all the fun just cos I dont like lining the pockets of Leeds City Council!!!! Seeing as everyones going to be there I dont want to miss anything!!

    <stoxy gets her cheque book out.....again>

    Now just need to make a decision about Humber Bridge Half.
  • Yay. You haven't been swayed by the pub afterwards have you Stoxy?
  • It is a factor in all of my race decsions I must admit.
  • No pub, no run, it's that simple.
  • Agreed huge.

    Am I right in thinking that they have just charged me an extra 2 quid to enter on line without a word of warning? Hmmm.
  • Stoxy,yeah probably, std RW thing isn't it?
  • i nearly got caught by the RW stealth tax - decided to send it snail mail .... but still cost me 2 x 44p stamps and have to wait etc...
    suppose the online £2 aint that fair out considering immediate acceptance etc.

    missed out on the coniston 14 due to snail mail.

    how is everyone from the blackpool 1/2 - my left shin is in agony this week - way over did it - went for a 'recovery' run wednesday and forgot to put some vaseline on mi nips - ruined my new yellow nike top with sever nipple rub -- yeeooowww!!

    have given my fri run a miss today - hopefully better by sunday - doing the st annes 10 miler - shin permitting.

    tub of vaseline will defo be in my kit this week.

    anybodyelse injured

    huge - 10 weeks is ample time to get fit then injured then fit again.... thats how my training goes anyway!!

    target time for Leeds 1:50

  • knew if I said pub Stoxy would be swayed :O)
  • I'm fine after Blackpool - have just managed a 20 mile run as proof of that!
  • yp1 - thats fantastic - what time did you allow for 20 mile?

    doing st annes 10 tomorrow - i migh have to go around twice!!

  • I did it in a couple of minutes over 3 hours, really pleased with that - particularly as I ran all the way which I've never managed for that distance before. Admittedly it was the flattest route I could find with only one hill in the first mile, but it's still miles under the belt.
  • 9 min miles - that is excellent pace - less than 4 hours for the marathon.

    makes me wanna put mi trainers on now - but will wait for tomorrows race.

    i have 2 1/2s planned this month - Silverstone 18/3 then Liverpool the week after - did the blackpool too fast for a training race at 7.7 m/m - so im gonna try and chop my pace slightly and 'enjoy' it so im not injured like this week.

    hip and shin still a little sore.

    regarding leeds - 2 week before Edinburgh - whats you plan there - will you be going for a decent time or just aiming to get the mileage under your belt pre taper?
  • I won't be going for a decent time. The course isn't designed for it anyway, so the plan is just to take it fairly easy. However, I do have a habit of getting carried away when I line up at the start of the race so that might be easier said than done!
  • Entered the Leeds half as part of my rehabilitation after falling off my bike during a training ride and breaking my collar-bone, four weeks, two days and two hours ago (injured triathletes are bad news).

    Did the race last year and the finish in torrential rain was humid to say the least.

    The predominantly downhill final few miles from Lawnswood at least mean there is no sting in the tail of the race.
  • Well I'd better get my a*se in gear hadn't I! Got a couple of 10ks lined up so plenty of time to get crocked beforehand
  • st annes 10 mile at weekend managed it in a comfortable 1:20

    however shin still quite sore.

    anybody had shinsplints b4 and how long do you rest 'em for?

    buffalo can you give us a run down of the start of the course - whats it like - from what i hear its and uphill -ish start ?

    any strategies lined up eg 8min/mile 1-5 miles then 7.30 5-10 then a 7 min final 3 ?

    for a 1:40 ish finish?

    thats my strategy - terain permitting
  • Hi Simon,

    Leeds Half starts out in the city centre and is flat(ish) for Yorkshire, the first hill comes after two miles when Stonegate Lane grinds up - not too steep, but a steady leg burner. A nice downhill on the ring road gives up to the sharpest up hill to Lawnswood roundabout, a definite hill but quite short. From there it is trending downhill or flat for the remainder, last couple of miles go past Kirkstall Abbey (route of Abbey Dash) back to city centre.
    I think you need to not get caught up in racing the corporate challenge relay runners (they are doing just 2mile legs).
    A good race.
  • Did this as my first half marathon last year. Agree with Racing buffalo Stonegate Road and Ring Road are never going to be easy, but, easier than i thought last year. Did it in 2 hrs 6 last year but aim is for under 2 this year. Especailly as dad doing it this year, the competive streak is there big time.
  • lanky_lizlanky_liz ✭✭✭
    Hello all,

    I'm entered into the Leeds half too. I havent raced in a couple of years (and never in this country before) so I am hoping this goes ok. I was supposed to run the great cumbrian run last October but I got a serious case of hip bursitis....i'm hoping it won't happen again.

    Good luck to all in your training.
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