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  • What an appalling decision by the jokers at the council. Although the JT "Run for all" 10k is a very worthwile event it cannot replace the half-marathon.

    Leeds half-mara was the first race I did and it was the goal I needed to start running. Completing a half-mara gives a real sense of achievment to a beginner after months of training, unlike a "fun" 10k which most reasonably fit people can do with minimal preparation. 

    I'll be protesting about this and also about the 'Working Together To Get Leeds Active'  motto which, after this decision is just laughable. 


    A pi$$ed off Browneye.

  • http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/yourviews/Leeds-Half-Marathon-axed-YOUR.3656059.jp

    Comments here.
    Lets let the council know how we feel!

    And yes their motto is laughable in the light of this decision.

  • I think the problem goes deeper here than one of simply wanting to support one race over another. As stoxy points out there are problems regarding police support and road closures for all races in the West Yorkshire region. My own club has had police refusing to support our annual road race (and Yorkshire championship). They say that we have to apply for an official road closure from Highways. Highways say we need to deal with the police. With no police sanction we are unlikely to get a permit. Negotiations continue but 4 months after we started them we seem no further forward. 'Sport for all'? Looks  like sport for large, expensive races run by profit  making organisations and charities to me.

    Leeds 1/2 was my first ever race and got me into running after 20 years as a football playing smoker. Deplorable decision by Leeds City Council.

  • I’ve been a supporter of the Leeds Half Marathon having completed it in 2006 and 2007, I also supported and completed Jane Run for All if only to support Jane Appeal, Both event were well organised  but are completely different with the 10K more of a Fun Run than a sporting event and to use Jane Thomlinson's memory in an effort to gain support for the coucil decsion to cancel the Half Marathon is disgusting. The half Marathon also trully was a run for all event with the mini marathon and the team challenge, kids were able to particiapate in the mini marathon event, how will the ‘combined’ 10K event being staged this year include this group I suspect money has a lot to do with this decsion and last year we saw at least one local clubs running their last 10K race because the police would not provide the support to police the event, we will end up losing all our local events if we do not make a stand now and protest to the council to reinstate the Leeds Half Marathon
  • http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/forummessages.asp?dt=1&UTN=117832&last=1&V=6&SP=

    I took the liberty of starting a new thread to get more attention.

    I quite agree that if we sit down and take it now how many more events will we lose.

  • Claudibird"(obviously I'm also saying this for some selfish reasons as I'm now doing the Sheffield HM in April and the London 10,000 in May image)"

    Same here!

    Thanks for the links Bob & Stoxy.  Would be a good idea if anyone attached to a club raised the issue at their next club meeting.  Mass letters from clubs would have more impact maybe?  (Not that individuals shouldn't write too).

  • I raised the issue last night at ours and we are going to see about "clubbing " together (pun intended).
  • So much for a healthy start to 2008!

    Having both run and marshalled the event, I know how popular it was with both runners and spectators, not to mention the impact it has for local businesses. The city centre on Sunday mornings is usually dead but this event brings thousands to Leeds, many of whom stay for the weekend, raising the city's profile nationally and even internationally.

    This is such a short-sighted decision, and one taken with no attempt at all by the City Council to consult local clubs who might have been able to help move the event to a different date or suggest other solutions. I'm a member of Abbey Runners and our committee is planning our reaction too.

  • This is such an important even to Leeds, not only by promoting the City, but also to the thousand of club and independent runners and the many supported charities.  But good old Leeds City Council have done it again and cancelled this well attended event without any consultation or putting forward an alternative date or venue. How come Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and even Blackpool can manage to put on more than one running even at different times of the year. That’s Leeds for you, well done to the council, last place again! Patrick A Barrett

    Valley Striders, Leeds

  • This is a disgusting decision.  What is going on with Road Running and the police?  Why is there such a problem with getting roads shut now?  Has there been a recent change in legislation?
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