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Does anybody here use the Nike Plus pedometer? You use it with an Ipod Nano I believe. How does it work?

I don't have a nano and I don't listen to music when I run, bit of a purist in that respect.

Love to hear what you all think of it. I have the old fashioned Nike Pedometer than fits on your shoe.


  • I bought it recently and have used it a couple of times. It's good for me as it's nothing extra to carry as I normally listen to the ipod on runs anyway. I haven't bought the trainers so put the sensor in a pouch attached to my laces. I've found it is 10% out so far (telling me 7.2 miles when I've run 8) although I haven't got round to calibrating it yet.

    I don't think you can complain at the price, but my only concern is with the accuracy, although that may improve when I calibrate it.
  • Sorry didn't answer how it works. You have a sensor that slots into the insole of the shoe, and another bit that goes in the USB slot of your ipod. It somehow then measures the distance you've travelled, although I'm not sure if that is done through GPS or by counting paces.
  • Sounds like it uses similar technology to the old one, they work on acceleration, can't be more specific than that I'm afraid. Mine is quite good when calibrated, v accurate, although you do have to re calibrate when you change the batteries.
  • I bought one I find it really good. yesterday I run 150+ miles and I never even got tired once!
  • Katrina 150+ Miles???? image

    It works by basically counting your steps I guess and tracks your pace by how quickly your foot is landing, I dont wear Nike trainers so have my sensor in a little pouch on my laces.  Fairly accurate for what it is.  If you're a purist then they are relaunching the Nike+ spotsband later this year, I have the old one and no problems so far with the replacement after my 1st one packed up.  The Garmin Forerunner 50 + footpod works basically the same as the sportsband for about the same price... £50ish.

  • Really like mine, although the accuracy can be a bit erratic, especially at higher paces. Mine just WILL NOT track any of my runs where I hit close to a six-minute mile, which is a pain.

    If you already have a nano, then it's a no-brainer. If you dont listen to music then the sportband would probably be your better option.

    The website and challenges are great too

  • I have been using Nike + since I started training for the great north run 6 weeks ago. So far found it to be very good. I did calibrate it first, I used a treadmill to do it. Since I have calibrated it it has only ever been at most a couple of meters out. I have found it very usual for getting feedback from my runs, I have often got home a little dispondent how my training has gone, but then when I look at the running graph I always seem to be able to see some positives. I am using it with a pair of Nike + trainers not sur eif that makes it any more acurate or not.
  • It makes it a lot more accurate Anch - up to 10% (Supposedly)
  • hi i have just got some nike + trainers and the nike plus logo is on the inside of the shoe but it does not look like any sort of pouch to fit the chip in. am i missing something?
  • just need to lift up the insole on the left foot (i think) and pop it in there!

    mine's fab found it really useful to track my progress!

  • You'll find a foam replica in there Jimmy, take it out and put yours in.
  • I love my new nike+, the shoes, the website everything is so slick, its great fun tracking your runs this way, but i do have a bit of a gripe when using it with my nano. Finishing a workout is a pain. you have to go into menu and scroll down to 'end workout' This morning I was running in gloves and the wheel on my nano wouldn't respond, so I had to take off my gloves only to find it still wouldn't respond to my sweaty hands, i probably lost 30 seconds off my 10k time but it also skewed my pace time, i know i was running at just overt 4min/km but after standing still for 30 seconds with the clock ticking i ended up recording a 4.22 min/km pace.

    I have an iphone which seems to be easier to use but its too bulky to run with.

    anyone else had the same problem? are there any plans for nike to sort it out?
  • You can just pause the work out with the play button then end the work out when you get in.

     I've been using the Nike+ with a nano for about a year and a half.  I really like it.  I was about 10% out, even after I calibrated it on a treadmill.  So I recalibrated it by 10% and now it's fine.

  • thanks ewar, that sounds like the perfect solution, i'll give that a try on my next run.
  • I had the sportsband and loved it (I used it with a pouch on my trainers) however it stopped working during my first half marathon which was highly annoying, my boyfriends and my training partner's also stopped working (I say stopped working - the LCD display cracked up) It was a dry day so presumably if I could master the art of not sweating whilst running that might help. Nike wouldnt do anything about it as we didnt have receipts (the bands were about 2 months old) and now I am a bit reluctant to splash out on them again (the sensor is still in my trainer though!) Although I may see what the re-launch has to offer....

    I don't understand technology as much as I used to...can someone explain what you mean by the nano please?

  • By nano, I presume people mean an iPod Nano, which is what I use.

    I've got 745 miles logged via Nike+ now.  I don't expect it be totally accurate but it's nice way to track runs and I find the challenges against friends provide extra encouragement to get out.

  • I've been using Nike+ sine last July, just passed 1000km the other week. I use a nano along with a the Nike+ remote watch, it's great being able to control your ipod from your watch. Also it's easier to put on the power song then having to reach round to your arm band.
  • Nike + Rocks.

    Was getting a little bored of logging my runs manually, but the switched to a Nike + using a Nano and it has given my running a new lease of life.
  • I've used this for a couple of years now and find the challenges and forums very motivating.  I've never bothered to calibrate mine but run with a 405 too and it's pretty accurate for me. image
  • I've been using one since January and I absolutely love it. At first I was a bit sceptical about it and thought it might end up another gimmick but it hasn't! Some of my friends use it too and we all track each other on the Nike+ website, I've set goals and have found that it is a fantastic motivational tool for me.

    Without it, I don't think I would have run as much as I have been running. Well worth the money!

    I don't wear Nike trainers either, I wear Asics so I got a small pouch that fits onto my laces where I keep the sensor!
  • Afternoon all, I have just been looking at the Nike+ sensor and shoe pouch as the programme is already loaded on my IPhone - everyone mentions using it with ipod nanos - has anyone used it with an IPhone? Will it work the same way?

     I'd appreciate some input as my sister has threatened to buy me the sensor for Christmas and I think it might be just the thing to motivate me to get out these dark mornings!

     Best wishes


  • Maria if you allready have an Iphone you can use the GPS built into the phone without buying a sensor, the Apps are free (or a couple of quid at most) and a lot more accurate than the Nike+ sensor.

    Nike even have a GPS app called 'Nike+ GPS' for only £1.19 that doesnt need the sensor and another good App is 'Runkeeper free'.

    I'd recomend Runkeeper free and see how you get on with it before spending any money.

  • Thanks so much for the info Paul - I will certainly have a look at Runkeeper and the Nike+ app.

     I have been using the micoach programme until recently as well as my trusty Garmin as I found Jonny Wilkinson shouting at me to go faster a big motivator! Unfortunately the GPS has been a bit hit and miss lately! It's a bit discouraging when I'm running like the clappers and the GPS drops out so I get no time and no distance!!

    Thanks again

  • hello Maria,

    I just answered your question in the other thread. I don't know... Nike+ and runkeeper are not bad but I still always go for runtastic. The features are cool and it trackes better than any other app where I run. Plus I think that the design is more attracting image

  • Hi JJ, yes I have enjoyed playing with runtastic - love all the stats and it looks great!

    Only problem is that it keeps losing GPS - maybe we live in a "blackspot" I don't know but my Garmin manages to keep going all the time.

    Very annoying when it keeps murmuring no miles & no calories!! Great when it works and I love uploading it onto FB - a big incentive to keep up with the running!

    Take care x 

  • oh too bad. That's not cool, I understand this. Does it lose GPS just from time to time or is there no GPS all the time? I had this problem at the beginning too - I just forgot to allow the app  to use my position image!


  • i was thinking about getting the nike+ sports band but do not really like the shoes. i know i can use a pouch but a lot of reviews are negative. however these are all from 2008/2009 has anyone used one lately??????????
  • Dear JJ

     Seemed to work fine when I first started using it but then keeps dropping out - totally useless up on the Lancashire moors - one of my favourite places for a long run!! Can't understand why my Garmin keeps going and the runtastic app can't?

    Anyway just downloaded another micoach programme starting today for Wilmslow Half so fingers crossed it works!

    Happy running


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