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I've got a place for FLM2003 and was trying to set up my page at the Just Giving web site. My problem is that it won't log me in - after I type my email and password it just goes back to the same screen with the fields blanked, rather than giving me access to the site. I've contacted the help people but they've got no ideas. Anyone else come across this? I'm using IE6 under WinXP.



  • Iain,

    Do you have cookies enables on IE6 or are you using some firewall that stop cookies. It may be that the site requires cookies to be enabled, but I hope that the help person you spoke to would have already covered this. Hope this helps or at lease removes cookies from the list of possible causes!

  • Hi Iain

    Just saw your message, sounds weird. Have you physically registered with us though. It's not enough to just type in an email address and password. I know it sounds obvious but quite a few people do that.

    I've just got back from holiday myself. I'll look into your problem back at the ranch on Monday - but please let me know if you've managed to solve it in the meantime.
  • Pleased it all got sorted in the end. Look forward to seeing how you do with us.

    All the best

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  • Thanks for the help Mecca :o)

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