baby swimming in hampshire

Hello there....Can anyone recommend a place in Portsmouth/Southampton area to bring my 6 month old baby swimming??


  • The Solent?
  • thanks coops10 !!

    preferably not in the sea !
  • :)

    Oops, I'll have a rethink!
  • might have been a bit cold this time of year !!
  • I thought it was for preparation for a future triathlete.
  • His Dad would be only too delighted for him to start training now... but I've put my foot down..warm water till he's at least 2
  • I just took all my kids to the local swimming pools in Havant and Waterlooville Mrs T, pools are quiet during term time.
  • Pyramid centre would be great, waves and nice and warm :o)I havent personally been but the kids always liked it when they went with friends.
  • Thanks Eternal Plodder.
    I'm an IBMer too ! We're everywhere !!

    Have checked out Waterlooville but they seem to run their classes during the week when I'm at work :-(

    Think I've found a class in a school pool in Gosport on Friday evenings, so will give that a go
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