Am I famous now?

... well sort of. I didn't get to speak as they didn't call me back but they did read out my email on BBC Five Live.

Was that my 15 minutes of fame?

Does it make me a celebrity and qualify me for celebrity reality shows?

Which shall I choose, Australia with Ant and Dec or Dancing with Brucie and Tess?


  • And what was that immortal piece of prose about, then?:)
  • Nor sure it was that immortal moomoo but it was on Bannister this morning about Life-Coaching. I'm a life-coach and I had something to say about the coach they chose to represent coaching in the UK.

    She was American and they do a different form of coaching there, so just I pointed that out.

  • Aha! Ephemeral, then! Btw- I was aware you are one!
  • I was on Five Live once

    and they used my voice on their trailer
  • I was on Capital Radio a few months ago. I came number 1 in Londons most irational fear!
  • What was that, Clair?:o
  • The ends of banana's when they have been peeled.
  • OB

    I HEARD IT!!!

    was it the email about the american life coaches telling you what to do and the uk ones "suggest" or somethin like that

    yes you are famous


    i had a text read out on 5 once
  • I was on GLR once and won summat.

    I had a request read out for me once as well but the announcer said Taff instead of Kath :o)))))
  • WHAT! That is definitely one of the strangest I've heard of!
    Here's a list of others
  • That was for MissP!
    My food phobia is touching butter.
  • Thanx Moo.

    It makes me want to throw up!!
  • That was it Lurker. I thought it strange that if they were putting Coaching up for debate, that they got someone in who doesn't do the most popular form of coaching used in the UK.

    Directive coaching, to me is a form of consultancy. Non-directive coaching allows for personal growth of the client during the 'journey' to reach the goal.

    That sounds a bit flaky and West Coast but it is an important distinction.

    What was your text about?
  • really dull

    they were talking about some church that did full submersion baptisms re using the water - although it is considered holy - to wash cars so as to reycle it

    well, we have this issue on a regular basis since my boys go to a catholic school so every now and again they come home with bottles of holy water
    i use them to water plants as i think that is a nice "holy" thing to do with them and i am not into all that "sprinkling" on foreheads stuff that my mother in law does. so i told them that

  • with what reaction?
  • they just said it sounded like a good idea
    and moved on

  • I had a text read out during FLM coverage saying that I was annoyed with Cram calling the non elite runners fun runners. He did apologise though :)
  • I had a letter read out on Chris Evans breakfast show once. Didn't get my Ginger Loan though. :(

    My parents did a Falkland Island message on Capital Radio to my brother when he was serving down there just after the war and he sent on back - very exciting Christmas morning!

    And my sister was also on Capital Radio on another occassion doing a competition with her friend. Can't remember which one.
  • G's Dad - what was your famous moment about?
  • Was interviewed on local Radio (three Counties - Beds/Herts/Bucks) a few years ago when I organised some pedal car races in Luton (and a whole charity event around them). No I am not a professional, it was all in my own time stuff (not that I then had any). Taped it and have it at home.

    Also at the same event, a local company made a video of the day. Asked me to do the intro at about 20 secs notice!!!!!
  • I've been on Talk Sport a few times, although not for a while now and quite a few people who know me heard it.
  • OB it was a call in about children on life support and fighting for them when the doctors say they should withdraw care.
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