Getting on telly

my kids wont believe that I competed in the flm if they dont see me on telly. Short of running in the buff what techniques should I consider.


  • Run it in under 2.05
  • Run next to Gordon Ramsey.

    And trip him up ten yards from the finish line.
  • Get on 'Big Brother' and act thick
  • given that I will be running it in 4.30 most of the above are impossible.

    Where are the cameras and that woman with the microphone?
  • Slap Hazel Irvine round the back of the head as you run across Tower Bridge?
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    I've got this image in my head of Colin Jackson standing on Tower Bridge. That's a popular place for them isn't it? Or look out for Jonathan Edwards and tell him you're thinking of becoming a born-again christian. That'll get his attention. :)
  • Seriously though, according to another thread, BBC Interactive will have live streaming of everyone crossing the line on the day. Hope that helps
  • Hmmm, am tempted by the Gordon Ramsay method myself..., but for a real sense of satisfaction, tripping Jade Goody up would be a better idea - any body know if she's coming back for more this year???!!!
  • My claim to fame is that, in the 2001 race, I overtook Simon Thomas at mile 20, and as he was a Blue Peter presenter at the time, I was on the show the following Monday. (still waiting for my BP badge though)

    As for Hazel Irvine, if I bump into her on Tower Bridge this year, she is going in the river, for the amount of times she calls us "fun runners". Believe me Hazel, training long and hard through the winter is not fun, fulfilling, but not fun.
  • I'm with you on that one Roborunner.

    And every year Crammo and Brendan Foster mention how they get crticised for calling charity runners "fun runners".

    Stop fecking doing it then!
  • "Run next to Gordon Ramsey.

    And trip him up ten yards from the finish line."

    I do belive Welsh alex finished just in front of gordon. He however did not trip him up!
  • What a missed opportunity TT :-)
  • I too have been toying with the idea of tripping up Gordon Ramsey(Lamb shanks on a bed of pureed parsnips-hah!"), but I am not going to wait for that lard arse.
  • We were interviewed for a couple of minutes last year on the BBC at mile 18 - it used to be Garth Crooks there, then Sally (why am I here?!) Gunnell, but last year it was someone else.

    Not quite sure why we were picked out, but being the Mask of Zorro running with a Catherine Zeta Jones lookylike dressed as Elena de la Vega did make us stand out a bit from the crowd.
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