advice on training with a baby jogger

Hi, not visited the forum much of late but am looking for some advice on training with a baby jogger.

In the past my jogger was used for very short runs and walking the dog. Now I have just had child 3 (4 months old) and my older 2 are at school/nursery and I need to get back into my running as I want to run a half marathon again in Nov and loose the rest of my baby weight.
My sports centre has closed the creche I used to use and my family shedule means the only running I can guarentee is with my jogger.
I have 3 windows when I can run,
1 30-60 min session with pushchair
2 up to 2 hours with pushchair
3 up to 30 mins winter/60 mins summer alone
Other sessions I run/cycle/swim or teach aetobics.
Currently I have built I up to 50 mins with the jogger, I have never been the fastest of runners and I have never or will never win a race but I enjoy taking part.
I would like to hear any tips or suggestions to training with a jogger pushchair and advice from how to make the best use of the three window of opertunity I have as time is a premium in a family with young children.

Many thanx


  • Have done it a few times, but not until my daughter was about 14 months. I literally have to take it slow as she not keen even now on me going too fast (not that with her weight in the buggy I can go fast). I have to make sure everything I need is packed. You can guarantee no matter if I give her a drink and snack before we set off she wants one during the run. Back pack I got for a pressie put to good use. As I find trying to put things in the tray underneath, they tend to fall out.

    I try stick to routes I know there are not to many ups and downs or bumps as she hates those.

    Would say if baby 3-4 months then will probably need to plan a route you can stop and feed if necessary especially on a long run. You bottle or breast feeding??? Plus I always have to keep a nappy and wipes to hand just in case as if going out for longer than 30 mins and she has an accident (smelly nappy). if she sits for longer than 10 mins she gets a sore bum.

    Other than that best of british. I find it hard work and sometimes the pain of it all makes me reluctant to go out. She been poorly this week so not been able to run. Hope I havent put you off too much. I think thats why she was 13 months before I started to run again.
  • Am bottle feeding now (gave up breast feeding 1 month ago).

    I find I don't run far from home as we have a circular block that is about a mile but thorns are very frustrating as we often get punctures. And I have found the pushchair impossible to run with when I have a puncture. I also get very bored with 6 + times around the block so when the weather improves we will venture further from home then I'll have to remember the sunblock for summer. Son seems to like the action as he sleeps at the moment on runs but not certain what he will do when older.
  • Daughter quite enjoys it as long as its not too bumpy. I know the feeling. The route I use is a circular route but I am never more thas 20 mins walk if necc from home. Does get boring as I have to run it a lot in winter when I get to run on my own. (husband does shifts which is why I occasionally have to run with baby) all the nice parks and running friendly places I need transport for or requires buses. Its glass around here that punctures the tyres. Bl**dy annoying! Try running with a parasole on a breezy day!! never mind sunscreen daughter will not wear sunhats!

    Hope it goes well I know how frustrating it gets trying to get out running with la little one never mind 3!!
  • Keep in touch let me know how its going. Nice to talk to other running mums!
  • Thanks for the repies, it is nice to know I am not the only person running with a 3 wheeler as all my friends think I am a little potty and I do get some stange looks as I run.

    Husband may go to the states this year and I am tempted to get him to get a baby jogger with large 20 inch wheels while over there as my currrent jogger has small tyres and it quite sturdy but heavy it is ok when going(except on windy days) but hard work with the stopping and starting. This year as I want to do a lot more distance than I used to go with the oldest in the current pushchair (only ever ran up to 3 miles then).

    I Did once try jogging with our double (mothercare 3 wheeler) when the girls were much smaller and decided I'd keep it for dog walking as it was far too hard with 2.
  • No problem. Its nice to know someone else struggles to fit in running. You are braver than me. Took little one and dog out once. Luckily the path I chose had no one on foot. Nightmare. But the dog howls if I don't take her. Did a organised free run at the country park this morning. (hubby and Mouselet sleeping soundly). Enjoyed it (thats if you could call it a run). Got me going to put some effort in before next one!

    My jogger heavy with Mouselet in. Its a Mothercare Urban detour. Not sure if designed to actually jog with but it does the job. Its masive too. Get complaints on the bus. If I walk to Mums and go into town I usually get the bus back. I know she is nearly 2 but I don't think any of the lightweight buggys would survive too many trips to mums as pavement really bad. But I find getting the bus the 3/4 of a mile to mums a hassle. Its always packed and I seem to have to fight to get on and off! I find windy days a struggle with the buggy walking never mind running. You back at work or at home with little ones ???
  • I'm not back to work yet but my MA officially ends in April when I have to return to my aqua aerobics teaching job which is only 1 hour a week quite late at night so that is not too much of a problem.

    The hardest thing to fit in workwise is supply teaching as I try to do some to pay for my girls dancing, swimming lessons and when I can get babysitters (usually husband family)and work. It is not too difficult getting Granny to pick up the kids from school but finding a baby sitter for the little one is a bit harder. I don't the same regular hours each week so child minders are not interested in having a little one 3 days one week then perhaps one day the following month as I fill in when teachers at the local school are sick.

    I also teach aerobics for a charity in schools in my county and luckily the girl who runs my area is my husbands cousin so she offers me work and if I can do it I say yes, if I can't she understands and is not offended.

    I don't know if urban detour pushchairs are designed for running either as my double now pulls to the right and the wheels started to wobble quite worryingly and DH had to make some adjustments. My single is a Teutonia or something like that. I do use my very cheap mothercare buggy for smooth road walking of short distnaces as I can fix a buggy board to it but like you say they don't survive the pavements (we get thru one roughly every 9 months) as the back wheels wear with the extra weight of the buggy board. Buggies are far too light weight for walking the dog, have tried but dog (35KG boxer)nearly had the pushchair over pulling for a cat.

    Had the luxury of a beach run today (I live 12 mins jog from beach) of about an hour without pushcahir as DH is home not well. I was vey slow as there was loads of wind coming back,if I'd have had the pushcahir I would ahave been stationary. I had also forgotten how much energy running on sand expends which is a worry as I am entering my local aquathon which is on the beach in just over one months time!!!

    Must go now as little Woo is stirring
  • Wait until they are at least 6 months old is the official advice - if not older. Their body is not ready to protect them especially in the neck area when they are v little.
  • Wow you must be quite fit then Tracey. Sounds like the nightmare I have with work. My friend a practice MAnager for a busy gp practice. I do try do some work when I can, but its getting a childminder. Mum is 76 and can't cope with Mouselet. Mum in LAw 65 and can do a few hours a week, but not every week. She finds it a struggle now. Mouselet not a bad baby really she just full of beans (except at the moment as she poorly). Creche places have to be regular. Shame you don't live nearer my friend is a childminder has someones baby during day on off arrangement as she a supply teacher. Most of her childminding children at school. Have been tempted to ask her to watch Molly so I can go running. But as stay at home mum every penny precious. Well it sounds like she is settling again. So going to try for some sleep. She had me up for ages again last night. She full of cold. Not welll at all.

    I ran on the beach a few weeks ago. Hubby took Mouselet for a hot chocolate. I took the dog (lurcher cross collie) Ran her up and down the beach. Was shattered. She ran about 10 laps of the beach and looked no worse. But she's a very graceful runner. More lurcher shaped than collie. She is heavy too. The buggy i got originally is a Bebe confort Loola. I loved it but was no good to walk the dog. The frame folds down so that it goes in the car. We got the car seat and pram bit too. As the handles are either side if she pulled to sniff or wee, the buggy/pram felt like it was going to tip. So after a year of struggling we got the urban detour. Much better than the loola for walking the dog, but it is a dinosaur compared to loola.

    Well off to bed. Hope to hear from you soon. email me if you want anytime!

    ((david)) wasn't sure how old they had to be to run with in jogger. Didn't pick up my shoes again until she was 13 months as no jogger then , just used to fast walk to mums. Well I had to. She fed for 45 mins. By the time I winded her changed her nappy, got out the door she'd want another feed about 20-30 mins later. She was a real slow feeder. Hence the reason I walked the GNR in 3 and a half hours. I was missing her so much i put a real spurt on.
  • I am 8 weeks pregnant can i still run?
  • Sharon Rose 2

    I'm 22 weeks now and have been running since the start. Once you've been a runner before you become pregnant there is no reason for you to stop.

    You should however:

    1. consult your doctor or midwife (they are really supportive and exercise is considered hugely beneficial if you're fit enough for it)

    2. buy this book: runner's world guide to running & pregnancy by Chris Lundgren.

    The book will put your mind at rest about how running is NOT bad for you and also make you realise that people who say you can't run don't really base it on any medical knowledge but just a hunch that it must be bad. It also tells you all the symptoms/illnesses that should set off alarm bells and stop to see a doctor.

    3. Find out soon from doctor if it is OK for you. My friend was so sick in the first 15 weeks she couldn't face running but after a 15 week break the doctor recommended a lighter form of exercise. Had she run through the illness he would have signed her off.

    Anyway, best of luck and enjoy your runs. Remember not to push yourself too hard and also that running slow while you're pregnant is the same as running fast when you're not (not based on any medical fact but ALWAYS makes me feel better : ).

  • Re:running in pregnancy...
    It is fine to run during pregnancy so long as you have no complications and your midwife is happy and don't ever train to exhaustion.
    I ran till the end of this last pregnancy, in fact I did an aquathlon at 8 weeks and all my widwife was worried about was if there was somewhere I could stop easily if I needed to.
    All pregnancies are different.
    With my first I was doing too much as I worked full time and taught aerobics so I stopped running at 22 weeks as I couldn't do everything without exhausting myself.

    With second I ran on the road till 22 weeks then used the treadmill to 30 weeks when it became too uncomfortable, the baby position meant I always had backache.

    This last time I again trained on road til 24 weeks and then transferred to treadmil til he was born running at whatever speed felt comfortable and never really for more than 20 mins at a time. Baby was lying on my bladder so I could never be too far from a loo. A treadmil is also sprung so as you gain weight it is a little kinder to the knees and hips.

    I taught aerobics did gym work and swam til the day of birth on each occaion. All 3 labours have been relatively short with no serious complications and within 24 hours of giving birth I have been back walking the dog very slowly, my midwife was all in favour of being fitter to aid faster recovery. I always looked as if I hadn't been pregnant after giving birth due to good stomach muscle tone but on each occasion have always been 2 stone over my average weight when I start training again when baby is 6 weeks old.

    Now I've got 3/4 of a stone to loose still but knowing I,ve done it twice before doesn't make the weight loss any easier.

    Feel free to ask any questions about training in pregnancy, I found there was very little info when I had my first child and that was only 6 yrs ago.
  • Thanks for the advice its great to know there is someone out there who has run during pregnancy. How can i keep my stomach toned whilst pregnant?>
  • Hi - really interested in this as I'm 19 weeks pregnant and hoping to use a baby jogger after the baby's born - thanks for your experiences.

    Have also found this thread really helpful

    it's got lots of pregnant runners and runners who've recently had babies on it.

  • Training with baby under 6 months....
    Here is my experience and some thoughts...

    1. Not all pushchairs are suitable for babies til 6 months old
    2. I agree constant throwing up and down curbs at speed, fast direction and speen changes are not suitable for a tiny baby with no head control.

    1. some pushchairs do lie back for use from birth with good harness and have head huggers.
    2. Choose your route wisely, my regular circuit I do x laps of is around 1 mile and is around the edge of housing estate like a giant running track. There is a 1/2 mile section that is totally without roads to cross and completely flat and smooth. There are 4 roads to cross but the council has ramped them so there are no curbs to crash down.
    3. When I did my first runs when baby was 6 weeks old I was 2 stone overweight and could barely manage a gentle jog. Now baby is 4 months old and I am still 3/4 of a stone overweight and although I can manage more laps of my route my speed is still slow at barely 6 m/h. I am hoping that as my fitness improves and the weather gets nicer and baby is older we can do a more interesting run than around my circuit.

    My main question was about training for distance running like 1/2 marathon as I have used the jogger with daugter who is now 6 a long time ago for runs of 3 miles or less.

    To be honest I think my little boy has a more turbulent ride when I walk/rush his sisters to school/nursery on our daily school run via pushchair.
  • Sorry Tracey how did you keep you stomach toned was that through swimming?
  • Batmouse I am definitly not super fit just determined to try and stay in shape as much as possible. I did some aerobics yesterday at a charity event for the first time in ages an have realised just how unfit I am. I was almost purple with the effort.

    My doggy used to be my training parner but he will be 9 this year and has a heart problem that didn't show any ill effects when younger. He is a very healthy looking boxer, just not allowed to overexert himself anymore as it causes him to pass out which is a shame as ever time he sees the running gear go on he looks up expectantly. I had to stop running with him 18 months ago. My husband never minded me running at any time of the day so long as I took doggy with me but now I run alone or with pushchairs he worries about me.
    Must go time to get oldest from school

    Bye for mow
  • Sharon rose 2 stomach stayed toned by being generally active. Traditional stomach exercises can be done as you aproach 16-20 weeks but then you have to stop doing crunch type exercises as the bump gets in the way. The time you stop depend on how big/fast your bump grows.

    After 20 weeks medical advice is that you don't perform any exercises in a lying down position as it can reduce the blood flow/oxygen getting to the baby and also getting up from lying down can make you dizzy, in fact some women find just lying on their backs later in pregnancy makes them dizzy. If you do lie on your back in later pregnancy a midwife will advize that you turn onto your side before trying to sit/stand up so you don't pass out of overstrain your abs.

    Easy versions of the plank can be done on all fours quite late into pregnancy. The biggest help for core stength is trying to keep good posture through every exercise you perform as you can do most exercise through pregnancy that you did before but it is not the time to try out new things.

    Swimming is great all over body exercise and I also teach an aqua class and during my pregnancy I used to get in the water towards the end (to cool down as I used to get very very hot pool side teaching)and I would join in the noodle/woggle exercises that are performed floating where the float/woggle/noodle supports under the shoulders.

    Hope this helps
  • I did the GNR when I was 17+ weeks pregnant. Doctor and midwife said it was okay as long as any pain or bleeding, feeling faint etc I stopped. It took me nearly 4 hours but I was so pleased. I walked and ran. Hadn't been able to do loads of training and gave up serious running at 12 weeks as just too sick. Couldn't keep much down. No energy. Kept up the walking though pretty much until I gave birth but last few weeks uncomfortable as she kept lying against my spine. Then when her head engaged dare not be more than 5 mins from a loo. Had to give up swimming when I was 28 weeks pregnant as couldn't wear my contact lenses local pool health and safety - no glasses in pool!!! Think they have stopped it now, but if they had been knocked off I'd not have been able to get them as I can't dive to save my life. Carp swimmer really.

    Aw shame about your boxer. Must be a thing with them. My friend lost her boxer bugsey at 3 years as by the time they diagnosed his complaint too late to do anything. He was too weak for vet to do it. Insurance wouldn't fund the op at pet hospital in Scotland. I made sure I read all small print on pet insurance. I dread the day my dog can't run anymore. She howls if I leave her in if I got my running gear on. My wish is that when her time comes she just goes down on one run and thats it, I dread the thought of having to get her put to sleep.

    Enough batty stop being morbid. I hate running on my own, i feel lost if I do ever get out without the dog. I feel a lot safer even if she's hand over my valubles and stand behind me pushing me towards the attacker.

    I wish I could have got back into running sooner. I tried on a few occasions but she never slept properly until about October last year. There are still nights I can be up and down. The last full nights sleep (8 hours unbroken) was 3 weeks ago today. We went to a Surestart party/ disco for the re-launch and she danced herself shattered. Tried the same thing in the house but not worked. I am hoping once she is over this virus I can start and walk her a lot more.

    Good luck with pregnancies all.

    Ah well supper things to clear away.
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