Having dragged my mate off to see my fizz after ignoring back ache for a while she was diagnosed with a kyphotic back (curved spine / hunch back). Some of it was clearly tension as hours of massage and manupilation resulted in her being visibly straighter. I've been reading around a bit and some articles suggest that it can be aggravated by cycling?? She recently upped her road miles loads and is now using a tri-bar. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is a trip to a chiropractor in order? Thanks everyone.


  • To quote Jan van de Velde, physio to the Belgian Cycling Federation:

    "Pilates is to be strongly recommended for most athletes, but in particular for cyclists, as their sport causes them to overuse their mobilizing muscles and underuse their deep stabilizing muscles."

    I'd say she needs something like Pilates to address the muscular imbalances. Bones don't hold themselves in correct alignment, muscles do it.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Knowing a lot of cyclists I wouldn't say their posture was generally worse than the average - and I doubt many if any do anything like pilates. You shouldn't really be hunching the upper spine cycling anyway. If you look at old photos of pros who would be doing maybe 25 hours training a week they don't look hunched either.

    Spending all day in a chair from school days is more likely to be the cause for the majority.
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    It was really pronounced and must have got worse recently or I would have noticed?? She's not in a job that involved sitting a lot but always on her feet. I never noticed any poor posture on her before and she's not suffered back pain before. You can't really tell when she stands its not that obvious but when she lies down she's got a back like a hump-back bridge!! She's too young for osteophorosis?
  • Nam - Did you ever get an answer to this one?

    Osteoporosis was my guess when I first read your post. Typically its onset is post menapausal - but then typically its a womans disease, but it doesn't stop a small percentage of men getting it.
    If it was a pronounced "Doweger's Hump" from this though, you would have expected other symptoms such as gradual onset of back pain and possibly a fractured wrist by now.

    A trip to the Drs and a scan would be a possible option.

    Otherwise, core strength is key for most endurance sport - running, cycling, whatever. If she's a gym member then a PT ought to be able to sort out a routine. If not, then a Swiss ball and a few guided exercises at home could help?
  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    DoT cheers... it got sorted... looked terrible but lots and lots of sports massage soon flattened her out. Was bad riding posture on wrong size bike and upper back muscles all seized up from too much aero.
  • I know this forum is a bit old but anyhow.. have you tried this site? Ive been using one for about 4 weeks now and it seems to be helping me out a lot, they give you an ebook with stretches and workouts etc to help as well. My posture isnt perfect yet but it sure looks better than 4 weeks ago
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