hello from a complete noob

*deep breath*

Just thought I would say HELLO.

As a complete non-runner (who cant even run to the end of the road without getting a stitch) I've decided that before I hit 40 years young and a 40 waist, it's time to get my body in shape and running seems like an enjoyable, fun and fresh-air kind of thing to invigorate me.

I've never really thought about fitness but over the last few months I've been working for a company called Bullworker who sell an osmetric gym style product. I've found myself working out occasionaly and *shock horror* have noticed an improvement in muscle definition and that flight of stairs that I walk on the way to the office doesnt seem quite as steep anymore.

So I've decided on running as my preferred route to clicking the fitness level up another notch. Thats it really...

I've been lurking on the forum for a while and found it be an excellent in answering lots of questions... THANKS TO ALL!
See you on the road...



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