Isn't it about time for the rejection letters for VLM yet?



  • Was right at the end of sept or 1st week in Oct the last couple of yrs so not long to wait.
  • I think that they are due about the first week end in October, so around the 6th, as Millsy 1977 says not long now, finger crossed for every one

  • I miss the whole has my cheque cashed threads.............image

  • I love that rejection mag, can't wait for my copy. (inserts sarcastic face)
  • Nothing to do with this thread really but is this the last year that virgin sponser London Marathon? bad news for branson if it is having lost the train franchise in the same year, lol

  • 2014 is the year the deal ends Dave, but I guess they could extend it.
  • Seren nos

    Yes so do I !!

    Remenber staying up to check the bank see if it had been cashed !!

  • I love all the OOH OOH OOH OOH OOH posts. 

    Mag goes straight in the bin, Come to think of it, I suppose I ought to check what it says.

  •  I have got a place in Brighton marathon next year, so this is probably the year that I get a place in London, tooimage It will be my first marathon, so which one shall I do first?

  • Whichever is on the earliest dateimage

  • Didn't enter this year, but Mrs Cat5 did. image

    I really hope she gets in.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I'd live to get in again.... But the odds are against me!
  • KH

    Do London, it's harder to get in Plus - I may be wrong but I believe Brighton allow you to defer for a year if you get into London. Both are great though.
  • I too have entered Brighton and London. I did London this year but had to pull out at 13 miles due to injury so entered Brighton on the thought that I wouldn't be lucky enough to get into London this year again. Hubby has his injured entry from London this year so I guess I will be running one week and spectating the next.
  • I'm still in the old five strikes and your in scheme. Was rejected in 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008, so this should be the year.
  • I wish i was a z list celebrity "runner" who doesn't need to apply to enter. No need for them to worry about the rejection mag!!!!

  • The celebrities get their places through the charities mainly, not directly through the organisers do you can't blame them for that. Although you could blame them for selling too many entries to the charities rather than "proper" runners but I think that's been discussed on here many times before.
  • Without the charity runners the London marathon would just be another big city run and wouldn't get 6 hours of prime TV coverage.  

  • First marathon entered. Not fussed if i get in !! funny if i did

  • Yes, I think that London would be a good first marathon. There is a lot of support, and it is my 'local'. With the experience, I could concentrate on getting a good time on my next one image

  • Well this will be rejection number 5 in a row for me so I'm a cert for 2014!!!! I'll be one of the last under the old system. But I've already entered Brighton again in anticipation of a no!!!
  • Yes I am in the Brighton marathon - spent too long waiting to get into the London marathon...eagerly awaiting the VLM rejection letter.

  • This is the first london ballot I have entered not wishing to appear stupid its a question about the rejection and acceptance letter and magazine.  Do runners world forum members who have been rejected in the ballot know,  before you open the envelope if it is an acceptence letter or a rejection letter  ie is there a difference in the envelopes as a telling clue.  Also as I paid up front do they send the jacket out with the letters, as I have been told that I should n't have paid up front but waited to see if I got a place first.   I do appologise if this question appears stupid.



  • Hi Twinklestar, having been accepted once & rejected twice I can advise the following:

    If you get a bulky package = jacket (rejection)

    Last year I got a magazine showing 'commiserations' as the headline through the packaging - self explanatory.

    2010 - I got a magazine showing 'congratulations' as the headline (cross fingers will be again this time!)


  • Miss slow thanks for the reply  I wasn't sure if they sent the jacket with the letter but thats a big clue.  I hope you get through in the ballot, and thank you for answering my question



  • So near now till we hear. As doing Brighton it would be a hard choice if get into London too. Would have to decide which one as couldn't manage both.
  • No choice at all. Has to be London.
  • If you choose not to do London isn't that a bit unfair on those who fail to get through the ballot.
  • If I got a yes for London I would defer Brighton. However after 4 London rejections in a row I'm pretty sure I'll be doing Brighton and have already booked my hotel!!!
  • Johnny2323 wrote (see)
    Do London, it's harder to get in Plus - I may be wrong but I believe Brighton allow you to defer for a year if you get into London. Both are great though.

    That was only the first year that the Brighton Marathon was on to encourage people to enter. You can "defer" your Brighton place a year but it's not worth it as (a) you still have to pay the full entry fee again and (b) Brighton marathon doesn't sell out anywhere near as fast as London so it's not as though you need to save your place in the 2014 marathon a whole 18 months in advance.

    I'd defer whichever is the cheapest!

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