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  • Well I knocked off War and Peace and most of Proust before breakfast so was short of stg to read...
  • Ant van Oviedo wrote (see)

    De-lurking here after a few weeks away - did some very nice holiday-type running in Portugal, including a 11-miler that was only supposed to be 5-6, but I got lost in the forest...

    Still a bit sore down there where I've been injured but I can run on it and the discomfort post-run is getting less and less. I've really just been plodding so this Magic Mile business is just what I need to shake myself out of such lethargy. I need to be doing some of what Jools is up to.

    I'm reading Julian Goater's "The Art of Running Faster", which is very interesting - he seems to be very keen on doing lots of faster stuff and mixing it all up. Anyone else read it? I know Jezza was going through it last time I was on here.

    I'm coming over to England on Tuesday and staying til the 26th - I plan to do the Bromley Parkrun on the 22nd.

    Who's racing this w/e?



    Welcome back Ant, fingers crossed for ongoing recovery - abnd good luck with the magic

    I will see you on 22nd, as it turns out my club are having a 'mob match' with another local club at Bromley PR that day so another reason to turn up!

    The Goater book was thought provoking - def thinking about making sessions 'count' and thinking about my form a bit

    racing - well I'm on my bike this am, just leaving for a sportiv starting and finishing at Box Hill - The Legs of Steel .... we'll see.  Could've done with an extra hour in bed, but I started reading that article PMJ posted at about 1030pm .....

    keep on keeping on all



  • Lorenzo - nice hill work. I'm becoming a bit of an insomniac, but I promise to go back to bed and have a lie-in today.
    Amy - fame at last; nice one.
    JD3 - Very satisfying out and back run and excellent mileage for the week. Are you having a rest this weekend? Re Boundary Run - yes, the course is flat more or less, but apparently there are one or two locked gates to hurdle. It sounds like a fun event, but not PB material, so I may have to re-think. I wouldn't be surprised if PMJ did it in his Uni days. Re running efficiency formula - sounds like another one for PMJ!
    SJ - sorry you probably won't get to have a crack at the Magic Mile. I think I've had a lucky escape.
    Ant - good to hear the injury is clearing up. Speed work is such fun; really.
    Jezza - hello fellow insomniac. Good luck at Box Hill.
    I did 8 miles with 5x1k off 200m recoveries this morning (4:00, 3:51, 3:49, 3:43, 3:41). Must do lots of plodding next week. Good luck to the GNR crew - really hope that lurgy clears up Speedy.

  • There's just no keeping up with Gul or Jezza, is there? I think what it is is they don't actually go to bed. Anyway, very nice reps by the former and look forward to seeing the latter on the 22nd. What time are you going for?

    How is that lurgy this morning, Speedy?

    Right, off out for mine. Looks nice out there.


  • Just popping in to wish all Good luck with any racing and particularly GNR runners. Speedy - Fingers crossed you are feeling well enough to give it a good blast - your training has been impressive this summer and I would love to see what this yields.

  • Speedy hope the lurgy clears up enough to run GNR, I ran a half in March full of a head cold and apart from the need of a handkerchief it wasn't too bad.Good luck and hope to meet up tomorrow

    Gul. Nice early morning reps again, is there a 10k in your area you can enter? Benefit from your hard work in your Sumer of speed. As for my target for GNR I would like to be under 82 mins we shall see...

    Jezza. Good luck with the sportive today, I have not done one this year and do miss the cycling side of competing.

    Ant. Good to see your recovering well.

    PMJ read the Kip Litton article, very interesting, to go to those lengths to cheat and crave attention is amazing.For me Marathon running is all about training and racing to be the best you can be on the day.

    Have a good weekend all.
  • JD3 wrote (see)
    Av HR = F(speed, net climb, total climb, distance)

    Has to be a lot more complicated than that. Take into account:
    time of day
    did you just argue with your SO
    when you last ate and drank

    I have a HR and by all accounts I should be a HR fan as it is more data but I can;t find a correlation. I know I race faster if I train faster and longer, but I can't find anything that says this HR is the one I need to run a race at.

    Gul Darr wrote (see)

     Re Boundary Run - yes, the course is flat more or less, but apparently there are one or two locked gates to hurdle. It sounds like a fun event, but not PB material, so I may have to re-think. I wouldn't be surprised if PMJ did it in his Uni days. Re running efficiency formula - sounds like another one for PMJ!

    Yep, did the boundary run as a marathon at Cambridge. I hate myself for this looking back but the three times for my three years there were:
    1) About 3:19 as a friend said "do you fancy running a marathon tomorrow?" and I did.
    2) Just sub 3. A year later and I did a few long runs and entered in advance and not on the day.
    3) DNF. I decided I needed to be at 20 miles in 2 hours and wasn't (outside 2:10) so I jogged the 3 miles back as the crow flies instead of following the bendy 6 miles.

    It was fields and gates and hurdles so not PB in those days.

  • Well, the lurgy is still there. And to add to it I woke up at 3.20am in agony with my calf cramping up. It's still really tender and I can't stretch it. I'm seriously thinking my body is trying to tell me something. I can't defer now anyway, so I suppose it's just a case of wait and see tomorrow. 


  • Jezza - look forward to hearing how the Sportif went. Might do a Box Hill climb tomorrow morning on the bike. Do you fancy doing the Ballbuster?

    Fingers crossed for Speedy; good luck to everyone else in the GNR tomorrow.

    Ant - hope you enjoyed you run in the sun.

    Lovely weather here as well so despite a bit of late night last night I was out of the house just after 6 and managed to get about just over 21 miles in - mainly on the roads, but there was a 4 or 5 mile section alongside the canal and a few bits through the woods. Ended up at just under 8 min / mile pace which seemed OK to me. 


  • Just popping in to say good luck to all the racers this weekend. Hoping to watch a few tomorrow at the GNR.

    Due to mainly treadmill and complete lack of interest I have been ticking over for the last six weeks. Usual niggles in usual places.


  • Hey Scoobs!

    Fingers crossed for you Speedy...

    Buttermere Triathlon today. My first ever and I managed to pick one that's more than Olympic distance and a bugger of a course. Was a bit nervous about the swim as I think I've posted before and reading the bike route was a bit daunting as a novice cyclist but hey ho. Rocked up at 8am, registered and fagged around with the millions of bits of kit that I decided were vital.

    Got the wetsuit on and the rubber hat and listened to the safety briefing, looked around at the lake and 1500m looks like about 10 miles when you can hardly see the 2 turning buoys in the distance. Gulp. Walked down the path to the swim start over lots of stones and then waded in to the deep water start. Baltic. Couldn't feel my fingers or toes. Kept dunking my head in the water to get over the cold shock which seems to send HR through the roof and leaves you gasping for breath. Positioned myself far over on the right hand side to avoid getting battered, countdown and we were off. Felt pretty good - took a good line and ended up merging with a small group after about 200m and drafted my way along. Kept within my limits so breathing was fine and suddenly the guy that I was following's toes disappeared and I peeked up and we were at the first buoy! Wahoo. Cracked on in the same manner to the second and then.......started overtaking lots of people. Felt amazing. Popped out of the water with a big cheesy grin (mostly relief at the not drowning element of the swim). Certainly under 30 minutes image
  • Poacher- Booked that B&B in Boston,thanks for the tip, I'll catch up for a pint after Berlin.

  • Faffed around in transition which cost me 3-5 mins then was away on the bike. Second time out with those fancy shoe /pedal combos and struggled to get them locked in properly at first then I was powering out of Buttermere (although my definition of powering might differ from other people's). Couple of uneventful miles then Honister Pass loomed ahead - the sign saying 25% gradients ahead was a bit of a mood killer but cracked on up to about 250m from the top when I realised that I wasn't really moving forward despite gurning and sweating away and that the folks who had dismounted were pulling away from me so jumped off and pushed. Got into a rhythm and started running past people whilst pushing the bike which got a nice cheer and some surprised looks from some spectators at the slate mine. Back on the pedals and then down the other side. Also 25% gradient yet more twisty and turny with cattle grids and sheep wandering about. Didn't pedal at all for the next 2+ miles and had the brakes on the whole time (I'm sure there was smoke coming out the back) and still clocked miles at ave 22 and 23 mph.

    Seemed to be holding my own with paces so overtook a few people on the next few miles. Had a scare on a downhill S bend when I skidded and had to react fairly quickly to stop myself from careering into some trees.

    Rest of the ride was uneventful, climbed up Whinlatter Pass which was hard work but not as arduous as Honister and then swept through the rest of the course. Only saw one other rider in the last third as the field was stringing but managed to stay in the midst of around 50 motorbikes on a tasty downhill section. Swept into T2 feeling great and very happy that I hadn't a)crashed b) had a bike malfunction c) held my own and even moved up the field a bit.
  • Now for the run - should really enjoy this eh?

    But the course wasn't exactly fast. Basically running over either rocks with water gushing down them, thick mud or as I found several times (and always when I least expected it) knee deep mud holes. Fell over lots, (once nearly rolled down a steep embankment into a lake - which would have been funny) nearly lost my trainers several times - was up to both thighs in mud after a particularly poor route choice / leap combination. After a few miles of this torture the course flattened into a gravelly path and I started picking up speed - had already passed 6 or 7 by this stage and they were still coming back to me. Course then crossed the road and there was a steep climb - uuuurgh. Rough terrain again and scrambling up. Back down the other side, taking a group of 5, and back on the road for a short stretch then a hard left up what looked and felt like a vertical climb! Felt ruined by the time I hit the top and was content just to hold this position and cruise in for the last mile or so. Hit another giant bog to again change the colour of my lower limbs and then a steady finish into the finish.

    1.5k swim, 44k bike, 13k run - 3hr41 not sure of the placing yet but certainly hit my target of top half (fingers are crossed for top 25%)

    Looking forward to a good nights sleep - 22 mile off road event tomorrow morning taking in 3 big hills image
  • Oh, and I've just entered Outlaw triathlon - iron distance, next July image
  • Fab report Slokey! But why? Why have you entered Outlaw? The marathon course has to be *the* most boring course ever. No giant hills though. Or bogs. Unless you count the revolting lake you'll be swimming in image

    I have a dilemma. My head says don't race tomorrow. Even if the cold is improved and the leg feels fine my performance will be compromised by both and I may make myself worse and ruin Munich. My heart says 'but it's the GNR'. Jogging round is not an option with a pen A number pinned to my front. I really don't know what to do. I really want to run, but I don't think I should. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Brilliant Slokey!  Outlaw image  A couple of guys on the 3:30 thread did it this year/

    Speedy - don't know what to say.  Only you can know the answer.  I hope you're there tomorrow.  efc - I'm small with plaits, green and purple vest, or green and purple hoodie if its in the beer tent afterwards.  Number: 740, pen A.  Hope to catch you.

    My legs have been mashed all week and still painful.... I'm going though!


  • Speedy, cos its relatively cheap and not far away, and not hilly image Bad news about GNR but doubt the risk is worth it if you have a bigger target in a few weeks tbh.

    Minni, how did they get on?

    Good luck to other GNRers
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Speedy I'd definately run, but them I am a bit of a nutter.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great report Slokey. The only part of the course I know well is the Honister Pass which I run up every year in the Buttermere 22 mile road race- it really is a beast, I can't imagine a bike would be any use at all. I'm desperate to get back to the Lakes soon. Well done.   

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Slokey - they both loved it.  Drop in sometime and get more info from them.  Dubai Dave and Zuvai.  They both did it in 12 hours something.  They're like hardcore. image


  • Slokey - Great report and I take my hat off to your cojones. Mixed metaphors, anyone?

    Speedy - I'd do it. can it really jeopardise Munich for you?

    Good luck to the GNRs!

  • moofmoof ✭✭✭
    Great effort with the tri slokey. Wets my appetite for dabble in the future. I'd like to bag my self one of those ironman (events!) Before I reach 50, which gives me five years to sort my swimming out.

    Great training going on by all with some nice high mileage, makes me feel quite lazy as I have just been ticking over the last month or so.

    Good luck to all the running the GNR.

    Speedy maybe give yourself a break because you've been putting in some high miles and you don't want to push yourself too hard when this isn't your main event. But, of course, we all know you'll run tomorrow, so good luck with it.

    Glad to hear all are coming off the bench.

    Planning on 15 in the morning which is more than I've run for a long time.

    Gul- nice mile!
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great report, SJ - and fine effort also - much too tough for me to contemplate . . .  
    I expect you're running, Speedy, and it won't compromise Munich  . . .

  • Great Tri Slokey!! Rather you than me!

    Well done to all with some fine mileage put in this week.

    Hope GNR was successful for those running. Look forward to the reports especially Speedys.

    A PD milestone run for me today. 18 with 14 @ MP, probably toughest run in schedule? Managed to complete all 14 at around 6.45 ish with a few quicker ones. It felt like a massive effort though and realistically I'll reel the pace in to 7 on the day I think. Far too hard to maintain that pace for 26. Hopefully these hard runs will make race day more comfortable at a slower pace. Looking at the schedule it's all down hill now with bread and butter stuff. No more HMP and Mp just a few vo2 maxs .
  • Thanks for the tip Minni

    Excellent running DM! Sensible to be conservative with your pace in the race but stay within striking distance of a sub 3 - that run today is supposed to be tough and is a strong indicator that it is within your grasp.

    Cartmel 3 Peaks this morning - kept getting lost in the mud and rain so opted for the 12 mile 2peak version at the checkpoint (which still came in at 17miles with my minor detours image ) - the 22 mile option would have ended up at 30+ on previous form....
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    DM - "It felt like a massive effort though and realistically I'll reel the pace in to 7 on the day I think. Far too hard to maintain that pace for 26".
    Hard - yes; far too hard - not necessarily - don't underestimate the benefits of the taper after all the diligent training  . . .

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    x-post  - well done again, SJ - nice easy wekend, then !

  • Rest day tomorrow!image
  • Me too SJ. I love my Monday rest days. Get to know the family again and eat with them!

    Thanks for the encouragement Birch. I'll see how the next 6 weeks pans out and decide then.
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