Million Metre Challange

Hi folks,

This is both a request for advice and a plea so I hope the MOD's don't mind, if it's an issue please message me and I'll be happy to sort something out.

Right, if I may give a little background, I currently serve in the RAF and have one tour of Afghan under my belt (so far). Recently I was diagnosed with depression and PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) which is basically a less severe form of PTSD as its not a disorder. I'm currently receiving a huge amount of help and support with SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families association).

As well as receiving support from SSAFA and people around me I'm keeping myself occupied. I've started a charity challenge known as the 'Million Metre Challenge', basically im running, rowing and cycling 1000Km alone over the course of 3 months. Which works out to approximately 10Km a day. With that said, if anyone would like to support me in this please donate whatever amount you can at .

Does anyone have any recommendations on how I approach this challenge to allow my body to recover and keep going achieving the distance?

Sorry for the long winded message.
Any help is appreciated.


  • DMaxDMax ✭✭✭
    i think it's one for the experts but huge respect for what you are doing. remember the depression is an illness so like any other illness other will get better. your value has not lessened as a result of having this, if anything I'd say you've gained some supporters here. one for having the balls to come on here and say what you have and two for undertaking a huge physical challenge. good luck and all the very best mate.
  • Thanks for the message of support Dmax, it means a lot.

    I don't believe mental illness should be a taboo subject. To be depression is like breaking a leg, it sucks but with the right treatment and amount of time a person will heal.

    I've currently got 100Km done in 7 days. If anyone can spare a couple of quid to donate it really would be a huge help. I know its easier to ignore but I can personally vouch that the money will helo a huge amount.

  • 10km a day is 44 miles a week, which isn't an enormous amount considering you're allowed to cycle. Maybe it'd be a good idea to alternate your running, cycling and rowing and take a day off each week, to give your body maximum opportuunity to recover?
    As DMax said, best of luck with it all. 

  • Cheers pethead,

    I'm trying to keep as much of the effort directed towards running as possible (44Km this week), to be honest I'd get rid of the cycling if I could but with a full time job and family commitments it's something I have to use to keep me on target.


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