Isn't it about time for the rejection letters for VLM yet?



  • A friend received rejection mag yesterday.
  • I knew I was not in but have received the mag to prove it now! I'm a cert for 2014 now as I have 5 in a row image will be doing Brighton again and have hotel booked so not too gutted.....but I am a bit!
  • Franners - the guaratee entry after 5 rejections no longer operates, I'm afraid. Enjoy Brighton - its fab. Manchester for me, I think.

  • If you entered before a certain time it still does. I think they started phasing it out for 2011, so people already in the system could still get their 5 and in.
  • I've just followed the payment link posted on page 3 of this thread. It's now asking me to pay £28. To pay or not to pay? Is it kosher?

  • Holymoly i paid last night and soon after got my conformation E mailimage

  • Thanks MM. Just paid, confirmation email received instantly with ref no etc. OMG!

  • Oh well, 4 entries from the Wood household and not one who gets to the payment screen, such is life. Congrats to all who make it, will be there to give you a cheer, make sure you enjoy the day

  • I just rang VLM to check the credibility of the link as there has been alot of talk on facebook that its a scam, she was saying its not them until i actually gave her the link she then asked me have i got my pack yet i said no and she said dont panic just wait for the i am taking that as a good sign and also I am in as it asks me for payment!

  • I paid upfront !! so the link doesnt ask for payment would it say that ???

  • It would be a very odd scam if:

    a) It rejects 90% + of people who trya nd enter and only accepts credit card details from teh select few - perhaps the scammers don't want everybodies card detailsimage

    b) it clearly is already populated with the email addresses of people who entered the ballot - just try and enter a random address and you get an entirely different response.

    c) the site checks out as OK with McAfee and other protection agencies

    d) If it were a scam do you think it would still be around after 4 days?

  • If you paid upfront you cant use the link and will have to wait till you get the mag

  • thanks Keith for that

  • does the london marathon website immediately destroy your details if you are not successful in the ballot? It doesn't seem to have any record of me. Even when I enter my email address and click "forgot my password" link I just get a message telling me they have no record of me. But I have a screenshot of the entry reference from April. Pah!

  • agentginger I think if you bequeathed (whatever its called) when you clicked the donate entry fee if not successful then its a different matter -apparently if you did that then you just have to wait for mag as obviously thats a payment link and not applicable to you if youve already paid

  • I'm in at the 5th attempt on the guaranteed entry scheme.  However I'm already booked in for Brighton with a lot of work colleagues.  So I'll probably defer by which time I should have my GFA.  Doh!

  • well, i'll wait patiently by the letterbox and hope for the best image

  • Rejection mag arrived so the 'Sorry not got your details' message is a pretty good indication of rejection if you've not bequeathed.  Ah well see you lucky ones at mile 17...

  • My rejection mag has just arrived. Was going to leave it at that but my mate has just called to say he's been accepted so maybe I'll have to do a charity place instead.

  • Elvis has just entered the building! Sussex marathon here I come.
  • I guess I could always try to get my marathon PB down from 5:08 to 3:10 and avoid the ballot altogether. ha!

  • How soon can someone start the "Its not fair, my mate/boss/cat got in at first attempt and I didnt despite me running 100 miles a week and entering every year since 1066  and them not even owning a pair of running shoes" thread

  • I'm up for it. I prefer to go along the charity bashing line
  • By jingo!!  I think I'm in! image - I was passed on to the pay here bit!!  (currently no money in the bank - I'll remedy that at lunch time and get my spot!!)  image

  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    I'm up for it. I prefer to go along the charity bashing line

    Yeah I like that one as well - £2,000 how much, don't they know there is a recession on, why do they get so many places etc.

  • which is the most obscure charity offering a place, you know, in aid of blind mexican penguins?? also which charity offers the "cheapest" place for fund raising....

  • Blind Mexican Penguins! I'd run for them. Poor little fellas.
  • Can't beleive it, I'm in.  Checked that link last night and got magazine this morning. First attempt. So pleased as always wanted to do it, fingers crossed for those of you still waiting to hear.

  • Dan Ellingworth wrote (see)

    Franners - the guaratee entry after 5 rejections no longer operates, I'm afraid. Enjoy Brighton - its fab. Manchester for me, I think.

    It still does for those of us that were so far along the rejection scale. I think Franners and I must be in the last year that it still operates. If I get rejected this year I'm in for 2014.

    I guess I should be expecting the rejection magazine when I get home. Much like Christmas it comes once a year.

  • I hope you already own some trainers Gaz - 1st attempt - lucky fella image You don't wanna be talked about on Keith's thread after all hehehehe

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