Isn't it about time for the rejection letters for VLM yet?



  • Millsy, I pissed my self laughing, literally!
  • I am  total newbie to running distance.. yeah i could run at school and i play football.. I have decided to run the London marathon as I see this as a massive accomplishment

    I entered a few months ago and yesterday I recieved my pack! It's unreal.. I have been lucky enough to be accepted upon first try!

    Hard training starts from tomorrow.

  • Hi Michael, good luck, if you need any advice, feel free to ask, can't say that I am an expert, but am keen to spout my opinions........
  • I just googled blind penguin, pmsl!

  • That's me not in.
  • yes Scott ...see what I mean !! I thought myself quite worldly..but hadn't expected that! .. even more reason to raise awareness for the poor Mexican penguins as their plight may have been confused with the common blind penguins!
  • Gemgemx, I am quite broad minded, but just don't see the attraction of the blind penguin, those plucky Mexican fellas have on the other hand a certain charm, hence we need to raise awareness of their plight. In a similar vein, don't google sea gulling either......
  • too late! Nice!!!!
  • I said not to!
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