Shoe mileage and running style

I've been running regularly for about 7 years and changed my shoes after 500 miles or so. In the last year I switched from a heel landing to mid-foot landing (along with faster and shorter strides). I've now covered more than 1300 miles in my current pair and they are absolutely fine and achieved good PBs at 10K, half and full marathons. Question is: has anyone else had a similar experience with their shoe mileage? I use Asics 21*0 (currently 2160).

I must confess that I've read "Born to Run", "Running with Kenyans" and "Eat & Run" which have influenced but not dictated my changes.



  • I always wondered if midfoot strikers would wear through shoes at the exact same rate as heavy heel strikers but just at a different place on the sole of the shoe. I'm a heel striker - though not heavy - and I wear through the soles of my shoes fairly evenly. In fact I probably wear through the mid-to-forefoot area of the sole slightly before I wear down the heel enough that it makes me want to replace the shoe.

  • I'm a mid foot striker and always find it is the uppers that wear out first on my shoes, I have very little sole wear!!!
  • Mid foot striker hear and most of my shoes last 1000 miles +

    as touie2 says its the uppers that tend to go first.

    Not good for the shoes manufacturers but good for my bank balanceimage

  • mid foot striker here but i tend to land with my outsole which causes excessive wear here; about 300-400 miles from a pair of shoes.

  • mid-foot (ChiRunning); 2000 miles from my oldest shoes so far and the heels almost look new, but the uppers won't last much longer.

  • I'm a light midfoot runner, and the uppers definetely go first on my shoes. I tend to have a couple of pairs and rotate them around. Reckon my current Newton Motions have done about 700ish miles, and they still look almost as good as new save for a few mud stains that I can't get out. My racing flats are slightly more worse for wear, but they've probably got another 1000 miles in them before I have to think about replacing them at the speed they are wearing.

  • I seem to have tempted fate by starting this thread. My uppers started tearing in the last couple days and so bought another pair. I guess I'll start rotating them, using the new pair for the longer distances.

  • Forefoot sticker, at most 300 miles usually less. I wear Newtons and the. Outside lugs wear through.
  • SR - that's a pretty fast wearing shoe. I presume you've tried other brands?

  • I have tried New Balance but the standard fit is too tight and getting wide fits from the US is extremely expensive. Tried several brands at sweatshop but the shoes that are suitable for forefoot runners tend to be very narrow.
  • Surrey Runner wrote (see)
    Forefoot sticker, at most 300 miles usually less. I wear Newtons and the. Outside lugs wear through.

    Surrey Runner, you might find this useful - is a video from Newton on shoe wear patterns and what they tell you about your running form:

  • Interesting.  My wear is heavily on the outside lugs which according to the clip is either to do with supination, which I don't think I can do much about, or I am over striding.  I thought you had to be a heel strider to over stride?

  • Not necessarily. Can put front down first in front of centre of mass. Are you wearing motions or wearing orthotics in your shoes at all?

  • Never wore orthotics or motions. Currently use the neutral distance trainers. According to Newton and elsewhere supinators should use neutrals. I will pay attention to where my foot lands tonight.
  • Yes, supinators should use neutrals if a universal stability shoe is not available (with Newtons it is for women but not usually available for men in the UK): that's why I was asking. Sometimes suprinators or even fairly neutral runners get put into overpronation shoes or orthotics which as a result make them under-pronate. Either that or were correctly diagnosed, but have since made big changes to their form such as switching from heelstriking to midfoot-forefoot running, or were very new to running and have since got a lot fitter and faster and their form has adapted to support this.



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