Christmas Presents for a Triathlete?


I want to buy a Christmas present for a friend who has recently switched from running to triathlon.  I was hoping to get him something related to his hobby - any suggestions for bits of kit that I could get him?  I want to spend £15-20.  Thank you.



  • a lap counter for the pool ........

  • A decent pair of goggles is always a good bet - can never have enough of them in my view - when I first started all of mine were rubbish and leaky, and when you start spending more time in the pool this just makes the whole experience miserable!

    Or for that much could possibly get a race entry to a local tri (though perhaps should be with his consultation for that one)!

  • One hour with a psychologist

  • goggles are too personal and the fit needs to be right - if someone bought me a pair I'd need them to know in advance what I wear.

    a tri number belt could be a good idea

  • +1 for the number belt.

    Headband/earwarmer for winter bike

    Bento box from Halfords (tenner)

    Neoprene overshoes

    Bike gloves 

  • A copy of Iron Fit and a link to the forum .......image

  • Shammy towel......or a copy of Holgs new book.

  • What would Holgs new book be called as I'm looking for a similar sort of present.

  • er....can't sleep, can't train, can't stop...or something like that.

  • Great, thanks

  • but i don't think its out till january

  • Correct, it's available on 1 January - Can't Sleep, Can't Train, Can't Stop - More Misadventures in Triathlon. is taking orders. Was surprised to find it's also on, the German site, also has a Kindle version,

  • Paperback out on 1st January, AND after much discussion,I'm hoping the kindle version will be out on December 24th.

  • Christmas dinners up and down and the country are ruined as triathletes bury their head in their Kindles on Christmas Day!!!

  • SgtIronLard wrote (see)

    ill be starting tonight as Im well fcuk'd off with the ankle injury I picked up last week.

    turbo session to get the blood flowing. 60 minutes, no coasting.

    lots of bike this week while the ankle gets fully mobilised and then gentley back into it - but with a little form. no more shuffling like a coffin dodger.


    Ironholgs wrote (see)

    Paperback out on 1st January, AND after much discussion,I'm hoping the kindle version will be out on December 24th.

    thats a bonus going on the list

  • Turbo bike towel

    Elastic laces + race belt

    Winter bike socks

    Reflective bib for winter running

    Emergency bike lights - cheap ones that are used as a back up to normal lights - roadid and knog do good ones

    Holgs book +1
  • Triathlon pasta! Orsum!

  • I've not been on here for Months! Two minutes in and I've spent ??20 on pasta. On pasta!

    (Cool pasta though...)
  • Thank you very much for the suggestions.  Have resisted the triathlon pasta and gone for a turbo bike towel!  Cheers.

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