Becoming faster

Hi all, I've been a keen'ish runner for the last 18 months. I've done a full marathon in 3:22, half in 1:31 and 10k in 39:10. I don't do any specific kind of training and I'm not part of a running club. I just put my trainers and get out for a run 2-3 times a week. I seem to be bordering around the same pace of around 7mins. I'm wanting to improve this to around 6:30 over a half marathon distance. What is the best way to improve this? Thanks, Wayne


  • Have you tried one of the smart coach schedules that this site offers? You can put in your target time, number of days pw your want to run, how intensely you want to train, etc... for  distance, and it will give you a sample schedule. This will give you some ideas for sessions and how to progress them over a block of training towards improving your speed.

  • Find a plan that is at the right level for you and follow it.  That sounds a bit flippant but the reality is that somebody doing random runs is going to improve by following any kind of a semi-decent training plan. You'll need to run your slow runs slower and your fast runs faster but best to find a plan you think you can follow that is challenging and go for it.

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