10K race in half build up


I'm just starting a training plan for a half marathon in March, which recommends running a 10K race at wk9 of a 12 week plan. problem is, at that time of year (in the north of Scotland) we're short on races, the options are a 10K race a week before the half or trying to do a 10K at race pace in wk9 on my own. I was wondering how important the timing of the 10K was in the training plan? (I have done 10K's before so not worried about being new to running in an organised race) any comments/advice much appreciated!



  • Would need to see the plan to be sure but it's likely that a 10k race in week 8 of a 12 week plan would be fine in place of one in week 9.

  • Treat the plan as flexible, but if you want to commit to the schedule it doesn't have to be a race. Do a measured time trial, or do parkrun twice (as in, start with everyone else, get your split through 5km, collect the disc and run around again. Or find a race that's around the same length - an 8km or a 12km, or a cross country race. It's just about getting a marker of how your training is going, and also giving you a goal part way through your schedule to help to keep you motivated. If you don't feel you need that then that's ok (but I can say that personally, I did a 12 week plan for a half marathon, and I was bored sick after 7 weeks of it) - with hindsight I would have done an 8 week plan!

  • Thanks for the tips,

    Clearly - it's the garmin sub 2.15 plan on the RW website, the race would end up being wk11 of a 12 week plan, not sure if it would be too close?

    DiS - thanks, it's my first half so thought it'd be best to follow the plan, but i'm not too worried about being super rigid on the plan as long as i'm doing all the main elements. I like the idea of a two lap parkrun, will probably go with that or a time trial!


  • Ah, I should have read your message more carefully.  I'd advise a pace run or as DIS advised a cross country race, a 5 mile race or park run *2.

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