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  • Got things a bit the wrong way round - that wasn't my fastest average, but still good pace for me. image

  • Evening.

    Well any optimism over my mothers condition was eroded again today.The infection has not cleared much at all,and we have been told to prepare for the worst.Her condition has gone downhill very badly in the last 24 hours,and she is very weak.Thanks for all your kind thoughts and words.It really helps.Sorry to be starting the new thread off on such a downer.

    I think finding time for a run this weekend will be difficult,but i'm definately going to go at some point.It may be in the middle of the night,but i'll get out there at some point.

    AF,you be careful with that heel,and rest it properly.We had enough of those problems on here last year.

    It is good that those who had some really horrible injuries last year,are back running again.

    Just seen a cool t-shirt.It says TOWIE on the front,and THE ONLY WAY IS ENNIS on the back.

  • Awww, DJ, don't fret about us. You know that here in CRAC Towers we are always supportive no matter what is happening. We are just concerned for you. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

    No run or bike so will have to make do with the ice skating. Will have to try harder tomorrow. Kind of looking forward to the girls going back to school now although we've had a great Christmas holiday.

  • My mum has damaged the cartiliage in her knee and now needs a stick to get around.  The physio told her the truth, that it's going to be a long and painful recovery so I guess she's just got to keep up with her exercises and keep taking the painkillers. 

    Hopefully the coming days will bring better news for you, DJ. (Hugs).  We're all hoping for the best here. image 

     AF - take it easy!  Who knows what'll happen to CRAC Towers if you're out for a long time...

  • LLB - not running at all at the moment (day 7).  Foot still aches in the mornings.  decided to go back onto anti-inflam, for a couple of days.  Looks like chances of even taking it easy on the marathon 25 Jan receding rapidly, it would just do too much damage.  

    Enviously reading about other people's runs....

  • Morning

    Aw Deejay (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Don't be worrying about us that is what we are here for on here...the good ,the bad and the sad times.

    Louise....I know only too well what its like not to be able to run...I hav just got bac into it after an 8 week out with achilles injury..so so frustrating.

    RR..good bargain there and well done on your run.

    MC...well done on your turbo and swim session...hope you got out for your run this morning.

    Loula..yayyyyyyyyyyyy looking forward to you both coming up to Scotland.

    AF...hows the ankle/foot today ?????

    Well wee Chico is not well...he has a bit of a doggy virus ..off his food (which is not like him) just not his usual chirpy cheeky self...hope he picks up soon. Mr Franny away boat fishing today so don't think i will get out a run...will see how it goes as don't really want to leave the little chap on his own.


  • Morning all image


    Just passing through in between doing a quote or three at workimage

    Deejay - sorry to hear your news, don't forget we're here for good and bad.

    Hello everyone else, runners, injured people etc etc image

    I had a short run with Liz last night, only about 7km, but she's still got a niggly knee, so trying to build fitness levels back up, and ignore the knee, and worry about it all at once it is a bit of a struggle for her at the moment. Still, we had a nice run, and a laugh so... Going to do another short run tonight, and some more when we get back to hers for the weekend, then after that I'm going to go back to training on my own more as I really need higher mileages to prep for the races I have planned. I can then do my recovery runs with her for company image

    What's everyone got planned for the weekend? Anyone up to anything exciting?

  • morning everyone

    DJ - sorry to hear your news, big (((((((hugs)))))))) from me

    gosh my shoulders are really aching after the club swim last night

    little boy was sick in the night, so my planned gym session is off as he won't be doing his squash session. I am hoping he is ok this afternoon as I have an appointment to get their hair cut - don't want him throwing up at the hairdressers! Hopefully I will either go to the gym or for a run when OH gets back from work

  • MC...hope little boy feels better soon and that you get out for a run later.

    Hiya Rocker.....don't work too hard m'lad.

  • morning! Just about to head out with a couple of girlies for a bike ride.

  • thanks franny - he seems to be fine today, I have only let him eat a piece of toast though. Just hand washed his duvet in the bath becauuse it wouldn't fit in the machine - they get really heavy when they are full of water! No need for weights at the gym nowimage

  • Disappointing evening.  Was going to be out to the gym, but couldn't go.  Need to build up strength in my left knee following my op.  Think i may have to get the turbo training out and try that.  

    Achilles is also really really tight following my ankle injury on the ridgeway (yes, that long ago).  Any suggestions as to how to loosen it?  I stretch it out loads, but it refuses to get better.

  • DJ-My thoughts are with you and your family. We are all here for you. Hopefully, you are able to get out for a run some time soon.

    RR-Sounds like you have a good plan and are working up a good pace. Have you any races lined up at the moment?  

    MC-Hope your son is recovery.

    Well I have been good and haven't gone on my club run this morning.Taking it easy and icing my achilles. It feels like it is getting better so I may be OK for tomorrow or fingers crossed Sunday. I am not going to do anything stupid,but, will be gutted if I fail to do my 20 mile week.So close to that elusive 100 consective weeks!! Only need to do 4.6 miles for week 99 so remain optomistic! What I don't want to do is any long term damage.

    Hi Franny,LLB,Chilli,Byeck,Ecky,Louise etc etc  

  • Hi AF - no races lined up yet.  I keep meaning to get one going, and then some injury or other issue crops up.  This year, I definitely intend to break my racing duck at some point! 

  • Afternoon

    Managed to get myself out the door and did 4.1miles along the canal...very very mild out there.image Time for a cuppa now and then a Chico walk.

    AF...boss...I am pleased that you are being a good boy and resting that ankle....image me and Loula have our beady eye on you to make  sure you are not tempted..we do not want our speedy star of Crac towers to have any long term damage either image a few days rest now will save you in the long run....

  • had a relatively good afternoon - got both kids' hair cut - looks loads better (new hairdresser - last one left them looking terrible) but they don't like it!! then on to shoe buying - little one needed trainers and school shoes - didn't manage the school shoes but got some trainers

  • Found this quote today... Anyone who has ever run will identify with this......
    'There are no tricks. Run because you have to. Run because you love it. Run because you want to be fast. Run because you want to be skinny. Run to find some quiet time. Run to sweat. Run to eat. Run to hear your heart pound in your ears. Run because you're a runner. Run because you gotta keep the streak. Run because y...ou don't know why the hellyou're running. Run because you fought with your partner. Run because your job is shitty. Run because you got no money. Run for the sunrise. Run for a race. Run because it's impossible. Run because it's easy. Run instead of doing the laundry. Run instead of watching TV. Run because no one else understands. Run because the cool kids do it. Run because you're tired of talking. Run for numbers. Run for feel. Run to prove something. Run because it hurts. Or don't run. If you got something better to do' JEFF EDMONDS
  • Wow - that sums it up perfectly!  What a great quote. image

  • Franny-Great quote and so accourate.

    I am still being good and am remaining optomistic that I will get out if not tomorrow Sunday. 

  • great quote frannyimage

    going to have an early night and set my alarm clock so I get up for parkrun! could do with the practice of getting up anyway ready for going back to work

  • Just done HIIT torture session - that's the third (and last) of the week!  Hope it bloody works!

  • Evening

    Great quote Franny! I like that image Well done on your run.

    And RR for your torture session.

    I went out with two of my daughters for a bike ride and was lovely. Am so thrilled that they seem to enjoy it so much too. As long as I take a sarny and we stop for a break in the middle. It's very slow riding and only 14 miles.... at some point I'm going to have to build up the distance. Bit worried about that since I'm so slow.

  • chili - at this point it is fine to be slow and that distance is also ok - I am doing all mine on the turbo at the moment, so you are ahead of me already by getting outside! You are lucky that the kids are happy to be going out with you - mine just want to play computer games all the time! I don't let them and do insist on them getting out though. Mind you, today's trip was to the hairdresser and it wasn't exactly appreciated!

  • Franny sis- love that quote!!!!!!

    Glad you got a run thts good. Hope Chico better- he hasn't been raiding the choc box has he???

    DJ, so sorry to hear abt your mum- we are all thinking of you and the situation you are in. Feel free to offload hereimage

    Rocker, glad you are getting miles in- I too need to start ramping it up. Dyu fancy a ridgeway run anytime soon? Or a waddesdon wander again? Liz may like to see these ere parts of deepest oxfordshire lol
  • Morning all!

    DJ - thinking of you.  Hope your mum picks up soon.

    Franny - I liked the quote.image

    Just a quickie as I have to work today (and the next 2 Saturdays as well).  This is in spite of them saying that I wouldn't have to work Saturdays, at interview. Since September I will have worked 8!image Next week it is middle son's birthday and he has his swimming competition and I'll be stuck at school!image

    It's getting colder here....snow is on its way......image

    BFN xx


  • morning all

    Jude - what a pain about working Saturdays, I wouldn't be too pleased about that either

    I don't like the snow, and am enjoying the mild winter we have been having so far. 

    I have got up early enough to eat brekki and get myself to parkrunimage

  • Morning all

    Have a good day everyone


  • MOOOOORNING, Chilli you got mail image

    Hope everyone is okay.

    D.J I have been thinking of you lots.

    Franny that is brilliant.

    Well this week I have covered 18.5 miles. I am just back from a hilly 4 miles. It was supposed to be 5 but I was tired and my legs felt heavy. I'm down for 10 tomorrow but also discovered its the date of my 10k that was cancelled. They are saying that its very boggy and that we should wear trail shoes. I don't have any and don't want to injure myself. What do you guys think, should I race or give it a miss. I may run to the race as one of our running group is racing so I could support her.


  • Morning,

    Franny,that is a great quote.

    MC have a good Parkrun.

    RR,why not aim to make a Parkrun your first race?They happen every Saturday,so you train for a 5k,and if you have an injury niggle,just postpone until another week.

    Jude,sorry to hear you are having to work so many Saturday's.I guess not having to work at weekends, to have more family time, was part of the appeal of the job.So finding out that you have to work them,is a black mark against your employers.I am finding in my job i'm expected to do duties,which aren't in my job description,and i'm physically capable of,and it is frowned upon when i can't do it,despite it not actually being my job.It is frustrating when you find employers have been dishonest at the interview,just to fill a position. 

    I've decided that my main running aim for this year is to fit and ready to run the RR10 inter-club trail race series which runs in Hampshire during the Summer.It starts in April,and each race is 4 to 5 miles long.There are 10 races in total with 9 to run,and one to marshall.It is a great little series,and free to enter if you are in one of the 10 clubs that organise it.

    Mum has not responded to any treatment,and we have been told she will not recover.Last night we consented to withdrawing treatment and fluids/nutrition,on the consultants advice,and the care switched to keeping her pain free during her last few hours or days.It is now just a case of waiting for the inevitable.I'm feeling very sad about it,but coping ok.

  • It's such a difficult time for you D.J (((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))).

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