Ashmei running clothes

Hi all, anybody come across or used any Ashmei running clothing before?


  • looks like nice stuff...i think there is a real lack of style with a lot of running stuff in the market, seems to fit a gap.


    may treat myself !

  • Good stuff, I have just ordered a tyre.

  • Glyn Matthews 3 wrote (see)

    looks like nice stuff...i think there is a real lack of style with a lot of running stuff in the market,

    Speak for yourself mate.

  • that told me then ...i was expressing my own opinion not speaking on behalf of all runners out there.

  • £180 for a rain jacket !  Ay caramba. Its nice - but pricey.

  • Cant afford it image

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I get the feeling they want to be the equivalent of Rapha in the cycling world.  Very nice kit, made from very nice materials but with the prices to reflect it.

    I'm not too sure if I'd be happy getting stuff that price sweaty & dirty, but then I pick up most of my stuff in the online sales so I'm not really their target market image

  • Agreed, pricey but nice. I love the softshell jacket design...might have to start saving, i guess it's the same with get what you pay for!

  • Probably last a lifetime tho

  • Think it sometimes appears on sport pursuit offer site so worth looking out for it there

  • Oh nice, could do with more colour options though for that price.
  • Got lucky this Xmas and have the rain jacket - very nice. Good customer service too. Pricey but worth it.
  • Is it only online? Any shops sell it?  - I like the look of the womans running skort but would want to try it on first at £78!

  • Have the skirt and love it- worn through most of winter and really apply with it.

    I have some of their other products and think they are amazing- expensive but hard wearing and well though out.
  • My running buddy got the jacket for Christmas.  I thought it was beautifully made but his partner said it looked like and England football shell suit top.  Anyway, he has stopped wearing it as it irritates his neck and is back with a Nike/TK Maxx jacket he has had for years.

  • Got some of their socks on offer at the Brighton Marathon Expo. Only worn them once so far but they do feel very nice.

  • i have some its over priced and rubbish in the cold.  image  looks nice on a warm day in summer.

  • Look great but thumb holes appeared in both cuffs of hoodie top & a tear in sock!
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