C25K - week 4

Completed Wk3 and was.......ok managed to do it but was struggling for the last minure of the second 3 mins run.

WK4 seems a massive jump and from just running 10 minutes in WK3 it increases to 16 minutes running.

Is this intentional and can anyone offer me any advice on what seems to be a huge jump for me.



  • 6 minutes is nothing, it's all in your mind, your body is more than cabale of doing that tiny bit extra, just do it, and then you'll realise that there isn't anything to worry about in making little jumps like that and maye you're fitter than you think.

    You have to push yourself to new places so your brain can adapt and realise you're not going to die, that's partly what training does.

  • When i did C25K i found my improvements were very slow, and often repeated a week if i felt i hadnt managed it properlyimage

  • Hi John,

    It's a big jump in your mind but not in reality.  C25K (as you would have noticed) increases the running intervals and reduces the amount of time you spend walking. I flipped it the other way.

    Think of it another way.  The difference between running 10 minutes, walking 90 seconds and then running 6 minutes is only 90 seconds of walking. The difference isn't 16 minutes of running.

    Does that make sense?  Hopefully so as it really helped me get my head around things.

    I think the app I used was much more gentle in its progression.




  • Im doing the last day of week 3 tomorrow and I have to say the jump to 3 minutes of running felt huge!  Im not concentrating on the overall amount of running - its the intervals which scare me!  Im actually finding that my recovery is faster and Im desperate to start running again mid way through the walking bit.

    Im not too excited about the prospect of a 5 minute run though....

  • You'll be fine. I struggled and got stuck at the twenty minute stage mid/end of November. I did it once but couldn't run it a second; actually I struggled with 10 minutes.

    A change of running shoes and attitude saw me complete my first hour jog yesterday (just over 4 miles). Was 3 miles last week and 2 miles the week before. Everything suddenly clicks.

    Looking back I think I was simply running (or attempting to) too often.
  • Well I did the week 4 and was pleasantly surprised. I managed it all apart from the last 10 seconds of the second 5 mins run, when i had to walk.Delighted with myself and looking forward to the next one. Just hope my knees repair as they are a little sore on the insides now where the cartlidge is.

  • I think the c25k is a great programme.  I am due to do day 1 of week 8 but just can't find the motivation.  I know I should just do it - I would be so chuffed!!  What else would I be doing except sitting down which is not good.  I knew I was improving when the walking sections were too long for me.  It has taken a while to get past week 7 though but its such a great feeling when you have gotten out and done it.  My aim is to do a 7 mile circuit near my house by my next birthday in August.  

  • Well done John - so pleased that it wasnt as bad as you expected!  Im into week 4 now - Ive done 2 runs, with only 1 day off inbetween so Im having 2 before my next one - then its onto week 5.  

    I guess its not supposed to be easy. We are supposed to feel challenged by it and ush ourselves each time.  I always find I do better in run 1 than I do in run 2 so getting out of the door for run 3 is always an effort, but Im pleased I did it.

    Half way through already and my mind is now starting to look to the future..

  • hi i'm on week 11 of C210K , the secret is slowing right down. If you are really struggling on the last run you are going to fast.
  • ash493ash493 ✭✭
    I've just finished week 3 and am a bit nervous about starting week 4 because I didn't find the last run on week 3 easy! My theory is give it a go and if I have to walk in the 5 min run but to just stick to something like 30 steps and then run again.
    Hello everyone by the way, I'm a brand newbie, need to get fit and hopefully lose a bit of weight!
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Good luck ash493.
  • Hi ash493
    I've recently completed the C25K. Well done on starting the programme. If I had a week where I found it hard, or couldn't run as many time in the week as I'd planned, I just repeated the week until I was comfortable with it. Unless you have a deadline to complete it by, I'd do that. Good luck!
  • ash493ash493 ✭✭
    thank you Whitedog, I'm not in any rush to complete it, just want to make it fun and keep enjoying it. I think week 4 is going to be repeated!
  • Good effort i have just started running myself again! Keep it up!
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