On-Running Cloud trainers


Just wondered whether anyone has used these shoes and had any feedback?

I am currently recovering from a stress fracture caused by some "barefoot" running trainers. I love the concept, but apparently my feet can't take no cushioning whatsoever.

I'm looking for a lightweight shoe which still provides cushioning for the feet, saw these and liked the concept. Don't want to go out and buy a pair though without speaking/hearing from someone who's already used them!?

Thoughts are appreciated!



  • I have ran in the On Cloudsurfer and also like a lightweight shoe but found truly minimalist shoes like the Saucony Kinvara too much - not enough cushioning. The Cloudsurfer felt great - really comfy and really bouncy.

    However, perhaps not enough like a barefoot running shoe for you - it is a half way house. The Cloudracer is probably a better option and they have been really popular. They are a lower heel to toe drop but still witht he CloudTec cells to provide shock absorption.

    Take a look here:



  • Marc.SMarc.S ✭✭✭

    i just cant see those pods lasting many miles, even standing in them and twisting my feet they felt unstable, i wouldnt want to turn hard in them. gimmicky shoe in my oppinion. 

  • I've had 4 pairs of Cloudsurfer over the last 2 years. They last me approximately 450 miles which is as many miles as other cushioned shoes that I've used. I like the feel of them but of course, like any shoe, they're not going to suit everyone.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    They seem very expensive to me.
  • They'd probably be ok for just steady running on the roads. I can't imagine them being responsive for doing anything fast though.

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