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    literatin wrote (see)

    HeOw - my first race was a HM in Sept 2011 too!

    Oh I bet it was still bloody faster than I am aiming to get tomorrow!?  What HM was it?

  • well... it might have been, but I can only dream of beating it by 17 minutes like you're planning to do! It was the Robin Hood half in Nottingham.

  • Good luck to everyone running tomorrow, I hope, infact I expect a few PBs on here tomorrow.

  • I haven't been on here for about a week so ill have to read back and catch up with everything!

    Good luck to everyone racing 2moro, I'm sure there'll be a few pb's getting smashed!!
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭
    F*cked on a train. HeOw all - good luck tomorrow.
  • Good luck Wrexham Half racers, looking forward to hearing all about it later.

    My son is also racing today,Brighton Half, his 2nd half, marathon, he is hoping for around 1.30 which will be a 19 min pb, he has improved somewhat in a year, this time last year he couldnt keep up with me , now I got no fecking chance of keeping up with him image

    Lit I am booked in for 2 x Pilates classes this week image

  • Good luck 2 everyone that's racing today!
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Morning - perfect weather for a half marathon this morning. Good luck again to all racing this morning. Bit hungover here, but ok to run I think. Not going to do my scheduled 16mi with [email protected] though, not up to that, so going to switch things round a bit. Will run Tuesday's 9 mi today, then the 16 with MP tomorrow, Tuesday rest, and swap Wednesday's and Friday's VO2 and MLR session.

  • Hope all the racers were successful. Looking forward to the reports image

    15W: 16 with 12 @ MP on a school night image. I think that would kill me off for the rest of the week. Oh, I forgot ... you have youth on your side so you should get away with it image. I need all the sleep I can get and then some!

    22 miles d&d. Rather unspectacular I must say. A little under 9mm, 70% of max HR and pretty much where I want to be in terms of aerobic fitness at this stage.
    66 miles for the week image

  • 16 miles today in short sleeves and shorts beautiful weather to run in.

    Took me just over 2 hrs, I didn't bother with the marathon paced stuff because I'm racing next weekend.

    15 I'm guessing you must be a Blackburn fan? Good result yesterday!

    Well done Chick on the 22 miles, it's good to get those long runs under your belt.

    I'm wondering how the racers got on today......
  • I've just done 21 miles in the beautiful sunshine, to replace the long run I missed a couple of weeks ago. Didn't bother with the MP either (because I'm going to bring next week's VO2 intervals forward to Tuesday to recover in time for Sunday's race) except a little bit, by accident. So: longest run ever of 21 miles done in 2:50, and I even managed to gulp down a SiS go gel in three sticky, sickly gulps at mile 12, just for practice. Mark, I'm jealous of the shorts -- it was definitely the warmest it's been so far in my training this year and I was regretting not ditching the tights!

    Think I was inpsired by the sunshine and all the people on here racing today, as it was really hard to hold myself back to a sensible pace. Am looking forward to hearing how they got on.

  • Looks like I am the first racer back...mind you I was only racing 10 miles !!.Dead chuffed course PB by 2 mins 1.17.14 ..pity it was so sodding windy I could have done better, plenty of hills too...see if you can spot them..7.35..7.32..7.27.....then up...8.12. .7.21..7.36..climbing up again  7.47..7.48..8.17..nice flat finish twice round a track.. 7.18..

    Got my half in 2 weeks on a flatter course than today's 10 so hoping to get shot of those plus 8 min miles  ..

    Nice long runs mark, chick and Lit, Lit I don't mind the sis gels at all  they are the easiest of all of them to swallow 

    15w at least you aren't giving up completely today running any distance with a hang over is no fun !!image

  • Good running chick/mark/lit - I'm still debating whether to go beyond 20 miles next week.

    14m easy for me today.  Colder than I had expected, so glad I didn't ditch the extra layer.  I was comfortable throughout the run.  Recovery week over.

    Also ran home with my 6yo son after his basketball tournament, beaming from ear to ear.  I'm going to have to work on my pace, otherwise he's going to be leaving me behind by the time he's seven!!! image  It was a short run, but my most enjoyable!

  • Ooh, well done NN. How did your son do at Brighton?

    Ten, just lengthen your stride, then he won't be able to keep up till he's at least 13!

  • Congratulations Night Nurse!!!!!!! image

    Stonking time with a strong finish - gotta love that!

  • Lit my son did 1.33 a 25 min pb lol. I miscalculated earlier..he did 1.58 in his first one ...he is a bit disappointed but like everywhere they suffered headwinds..still seems damn fast to me , 

    nice 14 Ten, yes its chilly today

  • Well, that's still a massive PB! Don't think I'll ever get a 25 minute PB unless I start doing ultras.

    Not chilly here, it's a whopping 9 degrees!

  • In pub so will post a drunken rambling report later. 1.23.41. Kinavit!!!!
  • Yay! Congratulations, Mennania!

    Today seems to be going well so far...

  • Men fabulous !!!! raise a glass to P&D from all of us !! image

  • Nice one Mennania! Congratulations! image

  • I managed a 1:20 at Wrexham Half, 4 minutes off personal best and 3rd in age category, so I have been told.  I was gunning for around 82 but got in with a fast bunch, just so close to going under 80, not sure on official time but I suspect its seconds.

  • NN - Well done on the pb!

    Men - Brilliant time, that should give you a lot of confidence for a sub 3 attempt.

    Craig - awesome time! I think you could end up being the quickest person on this thread in London. I think 2.50/2.55 should be your target
  • Craig brilliant !!

  • Great time Craig!  Well done.

  • A-MA-ZING racing  craig, Mennania and NN imageimage. Well done, I'm so chuffed for you guys. NN junior took a massive chunk of his PB. I'd be happy, no let me correct that, I'd be ecstatic if I ran a 1:33 HM!!

    Lit: great 21 - and so fast too!!

    mark: nice 16! Very jealous of the weather over in the UK. We had one whole degree (yes, it was +1) image. Mind you, compared to the -5 and windchill of the week it felt a bit springlike. The snowdrops have come out.

    I wish I was racing now ...  I have a race next Sunday but was going to use it to do my 17 with 12 @ MP (it's a 20k race, so 12 and a bit miles) which is just too perfect to miss. Besides, who wants to race 20k?? It's a stupid distance - almost a half marathon but not quite so a PB would always fell shallow.

  • BOOOOOM! Well done NN, Men and Craig. All great results!

    Not as interesting as racing but...I did my 16M w 12MP today. Decided to just hit my pace and to ignore heart rate for once. Averaged 6.47 for the pace section, which felt very tough from about the 5th mile in but pleased I stuck with it. Unfortunately all this was done at around 86% HRR, which is colouring outside the lines somewhat.

    For those interested in beetroot juice: as an experiment I dosed up on beet-it shots yesterday and this morning and I'm pretty sure it affected me, and not in the way I expected. Basically my heart rate was higher than usual as soon as I started the MP section (86% after 2 miles) and then stayed more or less level for the whole 12 miles. Normally I see it drift upwards considerably. Not sure if this is good or bad but potentially encouraging for endurance?

    Anyway, well done on the PBs today guys. Anyone racing next weekend?

  • 1:41:13 for me!  Gun time 1:41:26 but I am taking Garmin as my time as I was not on the front line of runners!  Saw Mennania and spoke to him twice, didn't see Craig but he beeped at me on final mile.  

    Wrexham Half Garmin stats

    Will post more re race later when kids in bed.  Well done everyone today.

    NN cracking time for hilly course!  I got a 10 mile PB in my half today - 1:16:50!  P&D is doing it's stuff.

  • Wow, that's incredible, Craig! Well done! Anyone hang around and yell swearwords at HeOw as she crossed the line?

    And Al, yes, me! I am doing the Tunbridge Wells half next weekend but although I think I'm in good PB shape, I'm not convinced this is the right race for it, as the course seems to involve hills with actual names.


  • Ooh, and HeOw has finally turned up! Have to admit I webstalked you on the race website to find out the result, but wasn't going to spoil it by posting your time before you did.

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